ZombsRoyale.io APK 2D Battle Royal 3.3.4 (Unlimited Money/Unblocked)


ZombsRoyale.io APK could be a multiplayer game supporting the terribly attention-grabbing 2nd graphics of the publisher Finish Games.
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March 16, 2021
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ZombsRoyale.io APK could be a multiplayer game supporting the terribly attention-grabbing 2nd graphics of the publisher Finish Games. The sport is impressed by Fortnite and PUBG Mobile and it’s attracting over ten million players. In part, the game supports multiple platforms, together with PC, Android, iOS and even net games. The name of the game is the web site address, you’ll be able to play it here. However before that, let me have an outline of this very interesting game.

Overview information

Packagecom.yang liu.zomba royale
PublisherEnd Game
Version3.3.4 (build 233)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.4

About ZombsRoyale.io

Special survival game

Despite the various and easier context and maps, ZombsRoyale.io overall gameplay is unchanged from other survival games. during this game, you’re taken to Associate in Nursing island with ninety nine different players on a plane, then you are allowed to parachute anyplace you want. On this island there’s a fierce battle that you simply and other players should follow, “the last man standing.”

If you play on a PC, use the house to parachute. The WASD key or arrow keys for you to maneuver and therefore the E key for you to loot, open the door. If you employ a mobile phone, the management mechanism is analogous to other games. Quickly develop things early to deal with any enemies around you. This game needs you to be ready to react quickly, accurately, and handle smart situations. Also, you wish a small amount of additional luck to be the last survivor.


The top-down read helps you to see the entire surroundings while not abundant trouble. you’ll feel funny once viewing characters designed with a circle with 2 hands to carry weapons. The graphics are thus easy to run swimmingly on low-level devices without several obstacles. Some terrains are also destroyed once you hit them, which can contain weapons or blood. note of this! And of course, ZombsRoyale.io requires your device to be connected to the internet.


ZombsRoyale.io still has all the acquainted weapons equivalent to Scar-Light, M416, M16A4, AKM, … and a few pieces like S1897. you’ve got to calculate the gap that you simply will shoot, particularly once employing a shotgun to simply kill enemies.

There are over a thousand accessories for you to upgrade and embellish for your character. Some are out there for you to get however some need you to pay in money to possess it. doing all your daily, weekly, monthly tasks is additionally the way for you to create money and collect rare items.

Lots of attention-grabbing modes

I can list a number of the modes that you simply will be part of once you take part in Zombie Royale.io. The 3 main modes of the sport are just like PUBG Mobile, including:

  • Solo: the standard mode wherever you’ve got to fight on their lonesome to be the last survivor (up to a hundred people).
  • Duo: Same with Solo, however you’re paired with an acquaintance or any on-line player on a system.
  • Squad: Assemble every team of four players, requiring you to coordinate well together with your teammates to win.

The higher than modes assess players on the ranking system. attempt to be one in all the most effective players. when each of the Seasons, you will receive a gift similar to your rank. In addition, the sport additionally includes a variety of modes such as:

  • Zombies: defend zombies. fully don’t allow them to return close to you otherwise you’ll be infected (they are stronger at night).
  • 50vs50: Special mode. I notice this mode terribly Gilbertian and chaotic. If you are feeling that four folks aren’t enough, attempt a team with fifty players.
  • Building: Build a base and attack the enemy base.

Download ZombsRoyale.io APK for Android

ZombsRoyale.io could be a survival game towards entertainment, less stressful. If your configuration isn’t enough to play Fortnite or PUBG Mobile, or you are trying to find a special survival game, ZombsRoyale.io are an honest idea. Now, I even have an excellent game of recreation once I sit on the bus or relax in a very cafe.

30+ millions of players have played. Compete in the best free 2D 100-person real-time battle royale game on mobile. From the creators of Spinz.io and Zombs.io comes one of the most fun and adrenaline filled battle royale games. Join the millions of players who have played ZombsRoyale.io and choose from the many available game modes to play on the go, including an ever changing rotation of limited-time game modes. Do you have the skills and strategy it takes to be the last player standing in this action packed PvP battle royale game?

  • Game Modes:
  • Solo: Play by yourself against 99 other solo players in a fight to become the last one standing
  • Duo: Play with a friend, or auto match with a new teammate!
  • Squad: Assemble a squad of 4 players to prove you’re the best team alive, or get auto matched if you don’t have 4
  • Limited-Time Game Modes:
  • Zombies: Team up as a squad to take on other squads while having to deal with hordes of zombies!
  • 50v50: 4 player teams not enough? Battle a team of 50 while being put on a team of 50 yourself!
  • Superpower: Defeat other players and collect power-ups; move faster, shoot further, and more!
  • Weapons Race: Small map, no loots, defeat opponents to level up your weapon, be the first to eliminate opponents with the last weapon to win!
  • Crystal Clash: 4v4, select your loadout and be the first to destroy the opposing team’s crystal to win!


  • Cosmetics – Customize over 1000 unique character cosmetics unlocked via in-game coins, however, some in-game items (non-balance changing) will be available for purchase!
  • Leaderboards – Climb to the top of the leaderboards to show that you’re the best. See how you stack up against other players in eliminations per match or time survived!
  • Seasons – Every season will last a few weeks and grant exclusive cosmetics unique to each season depending on your performance! Complete challenges and you’ll be able to gain rewards at a much quicker pace!
  • Rewards – Daily and weekly rewards are available, you will receive special coins or cosmetics for your character!
  • Friends/Clans – Friends and clans (soon) will be available! Meet and hang out with your friends and squad up in-game!


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