What Exactly is President Obama’s Credit Card Debt Relief Program? Get Your Debts Erased Now

This article has been written to inform you of President Obama’s credit card debt relief plan. There has been a lot of misconception about this plan and we hope to dissolve and clear up any questions that those in extreme debt have. In the beginnings of 2009, when our President was elected. Obama put forth what has been called “President Obama’s credit card debt relief plan”. Now, this plan is not a safe haven for all debtors, but it does give debtors the ability to erase 50-60% of their credit debt and even more. Sometimes this can be up to 70% the Obama credit card debt relief program.

Why is this possible? The answer is two fold: First, billions of dollars of funding has been put into the American Economy to help with our situation. Our President promised a major change to the US and this bill was one of the first things he did to help those who are trapped in debt. Secondly, with President Obama’s credit card debt relief program, many creditors have been so called “bailed out” because of stimulus money.

What does this mean and how does President Obama’s credit card debt program benefit you as a consumer?

1. If you have over $10,000 in unsecured debt, it can be erased by up to 60% and sometimes more.

2. You credit score will not be negatively affected by having to file bankruptcy

3. It gives you a chance to breath financially as you are able to work with companies that work within President Obama’s credit card debt relief program.

Now, saying all of this, many times companies will help you once, so this means that after you debts are erased, it is important to get into a system where you only charge in emergency situations. Also, almost every company will talk with you for free to see exactly how much you can get erased.

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