Westland Survival MOD APK 1.4.0 (Free Craft, Unlimited Food & More)


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February 18, 2021
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The battle for survival within the West has ne’er been this easy. simply transfer the Westland Survival MOD APK (Free Craft, Unlimited Food …) and you’ll survive during this fun game!

Overview information

NameWestland Survival
Packagecom.helio games.westland
PublisherHelio Games
Version1.4.0 (build 1685)
MOD FeaturesFree Craft, Unlimited Food & a lot of [Details]
RequiresAndroid 4.1

About Westland Survival

Westland Survival could be a Westland-style survival role-playing game by Helio Games. Many folks say that this is often thought of as a clone version of Doomsday On Earth as a result of the 2 games having similar gameplay. The distinction is that this game includes a Western America context, therefore it’s bright colours and not horror like LDOE. If you like cowboy themes, love riding around within the West and determine everything with a gun, great, this is often be} the sport for you.

The storyline

The West is a perfect land for criminals, bounty hunters, smugglers, and even murderers. Why are these outlaw folks being therefore free? Laws in the West are things that these criminals implicitly follow. Even the police can sell a good person in exchange for a few dollars.

There isn’t any right and wrong, here solely the weak and also the strong. To survive in the West, you wish to find out a way to fight and shield yourself. Your character could be a trader. Once passing through this land, the carriage was attacked by a bandit, inflicting the whole folks to die, going away only alive. Currently, revenge is the only issue that motivates you. realize the blocks behind this and provide them to the gallows, otherwise you will solve them quickly with a gun.

Learn a way to survive

The robbers took away all of you, your property, your friends, your weapons, … Now you simply have 2 empty hands within the middle of a desert – a weird and dangerous land. The foremost vital thing now to stay you alive is food and water. you’ve got to begin aggregation the few remaining things and a few items may be used. Fabricate some tools from stone and wood, then use it to exploit, hunt and manufacture.

When night falls, the hazards appear. At this time, a home is not a nasty solution. Collect wood and stone, you’ll build a little house enough to stay you safe from dangers lurking. They will be brigands or looking at animals at night.

Trading with native people

If you have too many inessential items, you can sell it to the natives in exchange for a few cash or exchange for the things you wish.

Watch out for hazards

Of course, besides health issues, you wish to be able to touch upon the hazards around you. There are many folks who want to require your life, they will be robbers, a bounty hunter or predator. Even alternative players also want to kill you to steal the items you own. The simplest thanks to shield yourself is to organize powerful weapons and train your combat ability. After you level up, your health and strength are increased.

Living within the Western-style

Besides survival activities, Westland Survival is a perfect game for you if you’ve got the dream to experience life as a real cowboy. After I have free time, I prefer to steer around the map or shepherd whereas on horseback. you’ll participate in some intense gunfights between cowboys to receive bonuses. heaps of fascinating activities that you just typically see in Western cowboy movies.


Not solely sensible gameplay, however Westland Survival’s graphics are terribly beautiful. The sport has 3D graphics drawn with a practical vogue, vivid images, bright colors. The third view provides you an outline of all the details. Graphics style with western yank style in cowboy films. On the radio detection and ranging at the corner of the screen, the red arrow refers to your enemies.

MOD APK version of Westland Survival

In the MOD version, you may have the subsequent MOD features:

  • Free Craft
  • Free Building
  • Unlimited Food
  • And more…

Download Wasteland Survival MOD APK for Android

Despite gameplay being comparable to Doomsday On Earth, Westland Survival continues to be a worthy game to do with compelling content and habit-forming features. Cowboy theme brings you an entire new expertise. If you wish to experience the lifetime of a cowboy, why don’t you play Westland Survival today?

Survive as a Cowboy in the Wild West and become the rule of law! Survive in this Western themed MMORPG, explore the life of a Lone Star ranger and fight robbers, trade with American Natives, set traps and duel in a Mexican standoff! New breath in survival games.

★ Build your own Wild West ranch
★ Fight gangsters with pistols and rifles
★ Wood logging, mining, deer hunting
★ Craft new equipment and items
★ Raise horse mounts and tame wild animals

★ SOON: Complete hundreds of Quests
★ SOON: Discover precious treasure sites
★ SOON: Challenge other cowboys

About Westland Survival

Tired of zombie games and the Earth after apocalypses? Try out a real Westland adventure.

In the Wild West of the Great American prairies, outlaws and even sheriffs are ready to sell brave men out for a fistful of dollars. The whole new undiscovered earth is in front of you, cowboy. Frontier pioneers, Bounty hunters have set carriage treks towards the fabled gold discovery sites in Klondike and Yukon, and to the great plains and deserts of Texas or New Mexico.

Imagine you are in the desert – this desert is like a dead island in the middle of the lively prairies. Your wagon convoy ran into a bandit ambush and left you behind as the only survivor, but certainly grim with anger to bring those gunslingers to the hangman! Or shoot them right off their horses!

But before, there’s some crafting to do – a shelter for the night, some wood logging for bow and arrows, maybe even mining some ore for horse shoes and trading with the Indians. Perhaps they can teach you how to hunt deer for cooking a steak…

There are no rules of survival, no last day of your adventures, continue play in PVE/PVP mode.
Multiplayer open world RPG game. You are left to survive: build a shelter, and craft to survive.

Embark on this incredible exploration survival game journey in the Wild West, Cowboy! Yee-haw! 🤠

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