Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Money

The first thing people usually ask when interested in the Law of Attraction is how to manifest money. A thing to remember is that you can’t wish for a million dollars or just say “I want to be rich”. In other words, you can’t throw a wish for money out in the universe and expect a return. It’s not impossible but highly unlikely. Before you try manifesting money think about and decide why you want the money or want to be rich. Once you have the why decide how much. It is easier to manifest a specific amount than it is to manifest being rich. This is because of your beliefs and what you will let yourself believe in. If you can really believe that you will be very rich then this can happen but it is just easier to for people to start with a specific sum.

If your belief is low try a smaller amount of money or that a bill will get paid. With this amount in your mind try and see it in your minds eye. This is called visualizing. See the number, your checking account with that number in it, or a check with that amount written in it in your mind. Jack Canfield’s books “Dare to Win” and “The Success Principles” are for good resources for learning the visualization technique. You can find these books at a good price at and Kindle.

Once you have this vision in your mind try to feel the emotion you will have when you see that check, bank account number or when you see that bill get paid. This may take a little practice to get your emotions to where you really feel like you have that money. Try and hold on to this feeling for a minute or two through out your day. Try and visualize and feel the emotion whenever you can. Another thing to remember is not to worry about how what you want will manifest. To quote Florence Scovel Shinn “It’s none of our business how it will happen. It’s only God’s business.” Now give thanks.

Now you need to give thanks for the number, amount in your checking account or the bill that will get paid, as though it has already happened. Just like you see it and feel it as if it has happened you now give thanks as if it has already happened. Giving thanks or being grateful for anything should be something you do every day anyway.

You see it, you feel it, you give thanks for it and the last thing you have to do is listen. You should listen to and follow your intuition. Be on the lookout for nudges that prompt you to take a form of action. Your little voice may tell you to buy a specific book, speak to a person that’s in the elevator with you, or drive down a certain street that’s out of your way. Now don’t go looking for “signs” but wait and follow your nudges. As Joe Vitale says in ‘The Secret’, “the Universe likes speed”. When you get a nudge, no matter how weird or out of the norm for you it is, act fast. Don’t think about it, “Just Do It!”

Do these things for the small things and the larger things and allow the Law of Attraction to help you manifest the amount of money that you want. Now go out and create the life that you want!

Source by Todd Walton

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