The Disadvantage of “Buy Now, Pay Later” of Credit Card and What You Should Know

Credit and to be more specific, credit cards are wonderful things. If you cannot afford those car repairs or those new shoes, it doesn’t matter; you can just pop them on the credit card and think about the repayments at a later date. For a lot of people, they are a well needed lifeline and when you bear this in mind, you can understand how these tiny plastic cards manage to get so many people into a lot of trouble.

Credit cards can cause huge financial struggles especially for those people that are already experience hardship with debts. Massive interest rates and huge finance costs can add to an already mounting total but thankfully, there are a few things that you can do as a credit card owner to ensure that you do not get yourself in a sticky spot. You will also find that a financial consultant can help you here as well.

A lot of people disregard financial advisors or consultants but for the most part, they can be the most needed people in your life. When you are thinking of getting some sort of credit form, it is wise to speak with an advisor and make these important decisions together as your advisor can make you aware of small print that you might not have looked at and fees that you might not have taken into consideration.

Once you have got your credit card and you start to spend with it, try and keep hold of all of your receipts. These can be used later on to check that the purchases on the credit card statement are actually purchases that you have made. If there are any discrepancies, make sure that you bring them to the attention of the company as soon as you can to prevent from you drowning in debt that isn’t yours. Bearing this mind, try not to trust your credit card with family, friends and work colleagues. As much as you would like to think that you can trust these people, you can’t always and you don’t want to be left with debts to pay off and a failing credit score because of somebody else.

When you are using your credit card, try not to spend more than what you know that you can pay back at the end of the month when the bill falls through your letter box. It is easy to spend now and worry about the costs later but this can leave you in debts that you struggle to pay and seriously damage your credit score, even with just one lonely late payment, making it difficult for you to get credit in the future should you need it. Make sure that you pay your bill when it arrives both on time and in full, making at least the minimum payment but more if possible.

If you do find yourself struggling with credit card debt, do not make the mistake of trying to pay off by getting another one to cover the full balance. This is a very bad habit and one that can prove very difficult to get out of, leaving you with a number of credit cards that have been maxed out with no way of paying them back.

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