Stem Cell Banking – A Family Safeguard

It is truly said that fortune favors the brave and the talented people. History remembers the genius persons because of their genuine innovations. The optimistic people have invested years and had found the secret of healing the serious illnesses. Yes, the discovery of the usage of the umbilical cord blood is one of the innovative medical discoveries in the history of mankind.

What is the Stem Cell Research?

In the human body, there are more than 200 different cells with specific functions. These cells can generate more cells. They can also repair the damaged cells in the humans. Seeing this, the medical experts and the researchers have hoped that they will be able to treat more patients that are suffering from type 1 diabetes using the stem cell therapy in the near future.

Stem Cell Banking – A Family Safeguard

Looking at the present-day situations, it is said that the stem cell banking is a family safeguard for the health of the family members. At the time of a newborn baby’s birth, the stem cells must be stored in order to heal the child or the siblings of the family. And there are many authorized and accredited public and private banks that preserve the umbilical cord blood in neat and clean rooms. The banks store these cells for nearly around 15 years in their original conditions. It means that the cells can maintain the fertility to the limited period of fifteen years. Unfortunately, if a family member or a child suffers from any of the critical diseases, he/she could be saved using the umbilical cord blood therapy.

What are the benefits of stem cells?

The researchers have discovered the positive gains of the placenta blood or the umbilical cord blood. There are many benefits of stem cells. In earlier days, there wasn’t enough awareness about preserving the placenta blood because the health-providers were not conscious about its usage and it was thrown out as the medical wastage. But, now the researchers have shown the advantages of storing the baby’s umbilical cord blood. It saves patients’ lives who are suffering from the critical diseases like Blood disorders, Cancers, Bone Marrow Failure and others. The latest research says that it has the potentiality to treat more than 80 deadly diseases.

Which is the Best Bank for preservation?

Oh, well this is a crucial question for many parents. You see, the American Association of Blood Bank has given accreditation to the banks that follow the quality parameters and benchmark policies. The banks are also authorized by the FDA. However, it is better to consult the health-providers for the authentic information about the recognized banks.

Truly speaking, it is one of the greatest findings for treating the human beings from their own cells. With the help of this finding, the researchers are very confident about treating more diseases and they will be able to save lives of millions in near future. All over the world, there are many authorized umbilical cord blood banking companies that provide excellent storage facilities for preserving the baby’s cord blood at affordable charges.

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