Spice Up Your Conversation Using Funny Life Quotes

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t know what to say next and how to carry on the conversation? Or may be you’re just sick of that boring small talk. Almost everyone, at one or other point of their life, had gone through such situations. Despite of being interested on carrying on conversation, somehow, but both of parties remain silent for the most part.

If you ever get stuck into such situation, you certainly know that this is worst situation one could ever be in. However, there is a way to spice up that boring small talk and carry on the conversation. There is a simple way which you can use anytime such situation occurs in gathering, parties, meetings which will instantaneously add zing to your conversation.

You can throw in some witty ad funny life quotes to spice up your conversation. Funny quotes about life are jam-packed with fun and humor. They can be great way to carry on conversation when you are out of words. Not only they help you in starting conversation and lighten up your mood but also make you and other person burst with laughter.

For example, the following funny quote can be used at any time to break the ice and to make things little easier.

Better read it first, for if one drinks much from a bottle marked “Poison”, it’s almost certain to disagree with one sooner or later.

In conclusion, I would say just give it a try. Memorize some famous funny life quotes and next time whenever you got stuck in such awkward situation, just throw in quotes and you will be surprised by their effects.

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