Singapore Housing Schemes for Married Couples With Children

HDB’s PPS (Parenthood Priority Scheme) was designed to aid first-timer married couples with children in buying their first dwelling with more ease. Under this Housing Board scheme, as much as 50% of the number of SBF (Sale of Balance Flats) and 30% of the total BTO (Build-to-Order) flat supply is set aside for this category of Singaporeans.

The conditions of eligibility for the Parenthood Priority Scheme are:

  • Applicants must be a first-timer married couple.
  • Applicants must have at least one child (either natural offspring from the legal marriage or lawfully adopted) who is a Singapore Citizen and under 16 years of age, or must be expecting their first child who is a Singapore Citizen at the time of the SBF/BTO application.

There are other priority schemes to apply for if the conditions of eligibility are met, such as the MCPS (Married Child Priority Scheme), TCP (Third Child Priority Scheme), MGPS (Multi-Generation Priority Scheme).

National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan claimed that the success of these schemes was made possible by the rapid acting of the Singaporean Government, in order to assist the young in building a life for themselves.

The reasons behind the decision to employ such schemes are varied, but most important are the boosting of Singaporeans’ desire to marry and encouraging them to have children as soon as they marry.

In order to achieve these goals, the Singaporean Government employed three major policies designed for couples: the Parenthood Priority Scheme, strengthening the BTO supply, and the PPHS (Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme). A large number of families are helped by the Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme – a scheme that provides families with the option to rent an HDB flat while waiting for their new one.

In January 2013 – when the PPS was launched – it was only available to first-timer married couples with children, but by September the same year, only 327 of the 1,150 flats had been applied for by couples. After this feedback, the Government decided to extend the eligibility to divorced and widowed parents, and also to couples where one of the spouses is a second-timer and the other a first-timer. As a result, by December 2013 roughly 800 flats had been applied for.

Minister Khaw Boon Wan declared that these policies employed by the Government are necessary for young couples to start a family as soon as possible, as the tendency is for them to wait until after they get a home and have stability and security for their children.

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