Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK 2.2.1 (Unlimited Money)


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March 10, 2021
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A comfortable prison is waiting for you to build in Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money). Download this game for free on APKMODY.

Overview information

NamePrison Empire Tycoon
Version2.2.1 (build 41)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money [Details]
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Introduce about Prison Empire Tycoon 

Prison Empire Tycoon was developed by Codigames. It carries both strategic and managerial elements, like what Prison Architect’s content has shown.

The game revolves around building a private prison, and of course, you can turn it into a profitable business. To be honest, the prison is a dangerous place, a place where criminals are kept. Very little is known about what happened in prisons because it is completely separate from the outside world. But this game doesn’t develop content about those bad things. You just need to monitor all activities in the prison and turn it into a business to make money.

Become a prison tycoon

Prison Empire Tycoon is an interesting game, built with idle gameplay. There, you are given the opportunity to become the boss of the prison and have completely new experiences compared to what you knew before.

You will build and control the activities of a prison. Realize the dream of becoming a wealthy tycoon, through running a private prison business.

In this game, you will have an overview of how the prison system works. Control activities, hours, set rules and more. Besides making money, you also have to try to help prisoners reintegrate into society after they run out of detention.

It sounds ridiculous, but Prison Empire Tycoon is really unique, different and attractive in such that way.

Upgrade your prison

Like the scenes you see in movies, prisons are boring. A room with a sketchy bed, and a dirty toilet. Prison Empire Tycoon has the same beginning, recreating a part of real life. You will run a small prison, with weak security and lots of holes. But then you can upgrade your prison to increase comfort.

First, you should upgrade or replace the prisoner’s old bed into a larger and more comfortable bed. After that, try to improve the sanitation system, as well as clean the cells.

You must strictly manage the prisoners who are brought to the prison. As you progress to the next level, they become harder to manage. You need to perform activities to create a reputation and improve the security system. Turn this place into a high-class prison, but tight enough to hold the most dangerous prisoners.

Ultimately, you need to address the needs of the prison and make appropriate decisions to expand your business. As you know, prisons are a complex ecosystem. But when you know, one of the most important factors is the facilities, you will make more money.

Control your prisoners

Each prisoner has their own emotions and psychology. Meaning they have specific needs, fears and other factors. If prisoners feel appropriately cared for, the prison will work better and guide prisoners towards social reintegration. However, when prisoners feel abandoned, bored or scared, they will become aggressive and attack the security guards. That will cause riots and even some dangerous prisoners will escape. Take control of your prison with certainty.

Reforming prisoners

Besides management, your responsibility is to reform prisoners. The prisoners will surely want to someday regain their freedom and start a new life. In the process of detention, they will have to do good deeds to help those around them as well as society. And you are the one who will create those opportunities. This will make the government and society proud.

Your reputation will grow and so will your business. Best of all, you will need an employee who will manage all the prisoners. Hire or fire employees based on your needs. If you do not manage the prison well, you will lose reputation and money.

In addition, you need to be alert for prisoners who plan to escape. Dangerous prisoners with life sentences will try to find a way to regain their freedom illegally. You have to do everything you can to keep them in jail so that they don’t harm people and society.

MOD APK version of Prison Empire Tycoon

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: MOD version of APKMODY helps you build and upgrade your prison quickly. The money will increase when you use it.

Download Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Prison Empire Tycoon is a simulation game, with idle gameplay and high entertainment. Can you afford to run a prison and become the tycoon in the prison industry? Download this game via the links below and start your business today.

Will you be able to control a prison and become a prison tycoon?

Hold the reins of the business and become rich reforming prisoners around the world.

Start running a small low-security prison and work hard to make your reputation grow. Improve every detail and turn your modest jail into a high-security prison with the most dangerous inmates under control.

Deal with the needs of your facilities and take the proper decisions to expand your business with no internal conflicts. Enlarge the prison yard, customize the administration department, provide security equipment to the guards, or even improve the cells’ ventilation. Every single choice will have an impact on your penitentiary. Invest your idle money intelligently.


Prisoners have indicators of personal qualities that you should administer to avoid riots and escape plans. Upgrade their cells, or add better beds and increase their comfort; buy some bookshelves, build a basketball court, or install some telephone booths to keep them entertained; spend your profits in have a better kitchen and better meals so you will have well-nourished inmates; keep the facilities clean and get new showers to maintain good hygiene.


Your prison will need an efficient working team. Study the situation and hire or fire workers depending on your workflow and your growth strategy. Employ kitchen personnel, doctors, builders, janitors or guards, as well as office workers. Each department will cover basic needs in your business, and you should manage your team wisely to make your jail profitable.


Inmates and staff need a great manager with a good vision for development. Improve and upgrade the staff departments to have better working conditions: maintenance room, offices, kitchen, infirmary, laundry room, or the security quarter. Don’t forget about prisoners: upgrade their showers, the prison yard, open new sectors, add cell modules, improve the visiting room and the canteen. Take charge of the water and electricity supplies and make your penitentiary more comfortable.

Maintain a good reputation by controlling riots and fighting. Run your prison wisely to keep your convicts happy and provide good protection equipment to your guards. Be aware of dangerous captives that could try to escape and use the isolation cell if necessary.


Earn money and make idle profits thanks to the reformation of prisoners. The government and society will be proud of you! Make your reputation grow thanks to your business strategy and receive offers to run bigger prisons.

If you like management and idle games, you will enjoy Prison Empire Tycoon! A casual easy-to-play game where strategic decisions have to be taken to grow a prison business with profitable results. Improve your empire starting from a small and modest jail and unlock visible progress in your premises. Transform your small business into the best high-security prison in the world and become the best prison manager around the world!


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