Powerful Natural Healing Supplements and Superfoods From the Earth

Let’s face it, shady marketers are everywhere trying to prey on your insecurities and rape your wallet. They know that humans love pleasure and hate pain, and also that us Americans will pay top dollar for a quick fix!

I mean the second someone says quick, easy, no effort required, just minutes per day, we unleash our credit cards like they were burning a hole in the seat of our pants.

Regardless of how silly the marketing claims may be, people always seem to believe in the next best thing, buy into the hype, and throw money down the drain.

Did you really think you were going to lose 30 pounds in 30 days or melt your love handles I just 3 minutes per day?

You have a better chance of watching Santa Claus fight the Easter Bunny in a celebrity death on your front lawn than you do losing weight or getting six pack abs with a “miracle formula” or gadget…

With millions of sick people across the USA, health care costs skyrocketing, insurance premiums raging, and new diseases popping up everywhere it is easy to forget all about basic nutrition and opt for drugs.

The surge in doctors fees, hospital costs, and weird disease stats makes it very easy to take the easy way out and opt for the “under the counter and over the counter” drug cocktail for symptomatic relief… especially since “a quick fix cure” is usually just a phone call away.

But there is a better way…

There is a long loss “work-a-round” that can help you remarkably cure and prevent deadly diseases. Plus it can keep you healthy, fit and full of energy year round. Yes, this simple work-a-round can reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, lower your cholesterol, help you lose belly fat fast, put you in a better mood, improve your skin, increase energy levels, and much much more.

As an added bonus, there are no adverse side effects and you can stock up without having to pay an annoying deductible! Even better news, various forms of this work-a-round exist all around you!

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease 10 years ago I was faced with some very difficult decisions. I could either take pills for the rest of my life and feel like crap every day, or make some serious diet and lifestyle changes and fight back.

I decided to fight back.

Instead of taking the dangerous sulfa drugs and steroids I decided to detoxify my body and use the tools that were put here on earth for our use (herbs, plants, vegetables, and fruits) to get healthy again.

Today I’m going to share a few of the natural supplements that I used back then to restore my health, which also happen to be the most powerful supplements on the planet. You won’t find these in the muscle mags, and most supplement companies refuse to sell them, but I used them back then and I still use these to this day to keep my body healthy and strong!

Note: you do not need to have a stomach problem or be sick to use these supplements. These natural supplements are beneficial to everyone and can help you get healthier and stay that way forever!

Acidophilus – Healthy colon flora should consist of roughly 85% lactobacilli and 15% coliform bacteria. Sadly, the average colon has those numbers flipped around and this can lead to a host of unpleasant symptoms including: GI toxicity, nutrient malabsorption, indigestion, gas, bloating, and more. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a “friendly” bacteria that can help you fight back against the “bad” bacteria by helping to restore the healthy balance of intestinal flora. It also aids digestion, lowers blood cholesterol levels, and can help you absorb more nutrients. Take it on an empty stomach before breakfast and about an hour before each meal.

Alfalfa – As one of the purest and most mineral rich foods on the planet, alfalfa is one of my top superfoods. Because of the fact it is so deep rooted (its roots can grow up to 130 feet deep) it picks up a ton of trace elements like phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, silicon, calcium, iron, and potassium, plus a boatload of other helpful vitamins and minerals, as well as digestive enzymes, and amino acids. Are you kidding me? Add Alfalfa to your rotation asap.

Aloe Vera – I like to take this as a juice because it cleanses the digestive tract and improves digestion. Efficient digestion is important for nutrient absorption, which as you know is very important when training. Aloe vera also helps heal gastro intestinal disorders such as constipation, ulcers, colitis, and various conditions of the colon. Plus it fights infections, holds varicose veins in check, and fights arthritis.

Here’s a powerful toxin removing technique you can try using aloe vera juice: combine psyllium husk with aloe vera juice. It cleans out the pockets and folds of the colon and promotes normal function and balance. Aloe vera juice definitely lives up to the hype, plus some. Note: when drinking aloe vera juice, opt for brands that are 98 or 99 percent pure.

Barley Grass – This amazing supplement is a very good anti-inflammatory, plus it is chock full of all the essential amino acids. It is also high in iron, vitamin C, vitamin B12, calcium, flavonoids, chlorophyll, as well as helpful enzymes and minerals. I used barley grass quite extensively when I was sick with great results as it helps heal colon, stomach, and duodenal disorders. But don’t skip out on barley grass just because you don’t have a stomach problem! It has a ton of awesome benefits.

Chlorella – Chlorella is an edible alga which is very high in vitamin B12 (it contains all of the B vitamins), but also contains vitamins C & E, rare trace minerals, protein, and amino acids. If you choose not to eat meat, you can try supplementing with chlorella because it is essentially a complete food.

Chlorophyll – Chlorophyll is essentially the green pigment in leaves that absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy. This is what I like to call the “lifeblood” of plants. I like to drink chlorophyll rich juices made from raw foods because of their cleansing effect of the lymph, blood, and intracellular fluid. Chlorophyll will help your body digest food better, absorb nutrients more efficiently, and boost your energy levels.

Coenzyme Q10 – Studies have shown that over 75% of folks over the age of 50 are deficient in coenzyme Q10. A deficiency can result in poor blood circulation which can result in heart disease.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) – Contrary to popular myth, the body does need fat. It just needs the right KIND of fat. If you only take one supplement, make it Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are probably the most underrated, yet most powerful fat loss and health boosting supplement in the world. These “miracle” fats can increase metabolic rate, reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of developing cancer and heart disease, reduce stress, protect from bone loss, improve mood, reduce inflammation and pain in joints, and much more.

It is very important to supplement with EFAs because they are necessary for health and they cannot be made by the human body. A few of my favorite EFAs are flaxseeds and flaxseed oil, fish oils, primrose oil, and grape seed oil.

Fiber – Because of the processing and refining of most of our food these days, the average American diet is desperately deficient in fiber. Foods such as whole grains, beans, fresh raw veggies, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, and lentils are very high in fiber and should be eaten on a daily basis.

Due to the host of positive benefits of a high fiber diet (fiber helps prevent obesity, stabilizes blood sugar levels, prevents constipation, helps prevent colon cancer, lowers blood cholesterol levels, etc), I recommend everyone take a fiber supplement because it can be close to impossible to get enough fiber from a normal diet these days.

Be sure to stay within the 20-30 grams daily range as an overdose of fiber can decrease the absorption of important nutrients and give you painful gas, cramps, and bloating.

Note: Fiber can decrease the effectiveness and strength of medications and supplements when taken at the same time. Note: Don’t use one of the crappy fiber supplements that contains any ingredient other than 100% psyllium husk. It is pointless to take a “healthy supplement” that is loaded with garbage ingredients like artificial sweeteners and additives.

Garlic – Garlic has been one of the top supplements in the world for over 2000 years. It is a shame more people don’t harness the power of it! As a potent immune system booster and natural antibiotic, garlic can also reduce your risk of heart attack, fight cancer, destroy various viruses, as well has a host of other benefits. It is said that the allicin in garlic (the antibacterial property) has an effect equal to 1% of penicillin! You can use fresh cloves or use my personal favorite, the Kyolic supplement made by Wakunaga.

Kelp – Kelp is a type of seaweed and I like to use it as a salt substitute sometimes, not only because I like the taste, but because it is so rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. I highly recommend using kelp, especially if you have thyroid problems

Kombucha Tea – This miracle tea is believed to have the power to reverse the aging process. I cannot personally vouch for this because I’ve got that young gene thing going on so you may have to ask me in 10 or 20 years lol. I love kombucha tea because it contains a host of health boosting substances, gives me a nice energy boost, and is a natural detoxifier.

Spirulina – If you want to look up superfood, look no further than spirulina. The concentrations of nutrients in spirulina are more than any plant, grain, or herb in the world. I’m talking, vitamin B12, chlorophyll, gamma-linolenic acid, iron, essential amino acids, and more! The high protein content in spirulina can also help stabilize blood sugar levels between meals and I like to use it in my raw juices.

Wheatgrass – Wheatgrass is real fuel from whole food that helps metabolic functions and it is chock full of minerals and enzymes. It contains protein, provitamin A, prostaglandins, trace elements, and chlorophyll. The nutritional value of this powerful supplement is off the charts!

Some experts have even said that one pound of wheatgrass is equal to about 25 pounds of the best vegetables! If there is a “miracle” supplement out there, I would have to say it is this one. I like to put wheatgrass in my raw juices or just hit up my local health food store or Whole Foods Market for a wheat grass shot!

Whey Protein – Ahhh yes I saved the best for last! Good ole whey protein…Maaaa the protein! OK you may not know that joke but for those who do, I hope you got a good L-O-L out of it.

You’ll probably already know that whey protein helps build lean muscle, but I bet you didn’t know that whey protein can also enhance immune function, protect against free radical damage, and in some studies it has appeared to inhibit the increase of cancer cells! When you train hard in the gym, you need to eat more protein, and if you don’t get the amount you need from food, you won’t make the progress you want.

Whey protein powder is very cost effective, it is convenient, and it is perfect for pre and post workout supplementation. Of course nothing can replace real food, but a whey protein supplement is very important! My brand’s of choice are Optimum Nutrition and Prograde.

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