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March 22, 2021
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Unlock equipment, upgrade weapons, unlock infinite chests with Monster Killer professional MOD APK (Unlimited cash) version. you’ll be able to transfer the MOD version of this game at no cost on APKMODY.

Overview information

NameMonster Killer professional
PublisherPride Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money [Details]
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Introduce about Monster Killer Pro

Do you recognize Jack the liquidator or Axlar-Björn? they’re the foremost illustrious serial killers of the Victorian age. be a part of Monster Killer Pro, you’re given the prospect to face them. Can you become a hunter or a prey?


Monster Killer Pro is ready in London within the late nineteenth century, the Victorian period is slowly attenuation by the dark forces. throughout the day, London presents it as a town of prosperity and growth. However once night fell, death was everywhere, from little alleys to massive streets.

In the haze of haze and therefore the quiet night are sanguinary zombies, murderers and hunters. Whoever steps out onto the road at this time can become afraid prey, arduous to flee from the death. Along with your experience, talent and courage, you’ll be able to facilitate London’s shake of this darkness.


Your goal when experiencing Monster Killer professional is to destroy all dangers within the city. They embrace gangs of gangsters, robbers, monsters and dangerous killers.


The game system has divided the content into chapters, you may get to complete enough levels therein chapter to unlock succeeding chapter.

More specifically, at the beginning of a level, you will be taken to a location. There are obstacles, together with picket crates, obstacles, traps and monsters. you wish to beat all of them to 100 percent complete the method and unlock the next level.

At some special stages, you will meet a wife (NPC). she’s going to offer you with some assistance, including armor, some power-boosting or health-healing items. you’ll be able to opt for one in every of the 2 supports that office offers.


Monsters have a range of types, every with a distinct characteristic and you wish to be told to return up with the proper fighting plan. Some species move terribly quickly, others attack from afar or shoot a lot of bullets.

Over time, monsters tend to attack quicker and more powerful. Their health (HP) is additionally frequently improving. Therefore, if your character doesn’t develop in terms of strength, you’re simply left behind and become prey for monsters.

Besides, you may have to face bosses packed with powerful bosses. Not solely do they need an outsized appearance, however they’re also very dangerous. The harm beams they shoot don’t disappear however tend to improve once encountering obstacles. thus try and defeat them before the map is dense with harm rays, there’s not a small amount of area for you to maneuver and dodge.

In return, if you defeat the Boss, you’re rewarded with one lucky spin “Fortune Teller”. This lucky spin includes things that boost the character’s stats and huge bonuses.


The instrumentality helps your character increase health and strength stats. Monster Killer professional has designed this feature quite detailed, and you’ll be able to equip up to six kinds: rings, weapons, guard rings, pets and armor.

Each type of instrumentality offers a variety of stats or will increase the character’s overall stats by a definite percentage. For example, the constellation Cape cloak I have, it gives 250 horsepower and increases defense by 10%.

You may also upgrade your character’s entire equipment, to extend the talents they bring. This method consumes ruby and raw materials and needs you to achieve certain levels. In addition, the equipment will be fused. you wish three things of constant kind to perform this function.

Some individuals will surprise wherever they will notice them. this is often quite simple, once you fight, the monster drops the equipment. Or, you’ll be able to buy cupboards (Safe) within the store, then open them to receive weapons and items. There are 3 sorts of Safe: Iron, Steel and Premium. Iron cabinets contain Common instrumentality types, whereas Steel and Premium contain rare and special types.

MOD APK version of Monster Killer professional

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: you’ll be able to use the money to shop for Safe. They contain plenty of rare equipment and materials for you to use throughout upgrades.

Note, the money will increase as you utilize it.

Download Monster Killer professional MOD APK for Android

Monster Killer Pro is an exciting action game. Its content contains plenty of creepy monsters however it doesn’t carry the popular post-apocalyptic sci-fi theme you’ve always played. Instead, it’s a real-world read of the Victorian period, a dark landscape of the road with fade, hazy smoke.

London is slowly turning into ruining. Become the knight, destroy monsters to regain the wonder of the city, to assist individuals now not got to worry once they leave the house at night.

Have you ever heard that popular story of Jack the Ripper, the London unidentified serial killer who cut victims’ throats and never used guns? Do you think Van Gogh himself was hiding behind this monstrous pseudonym? Have you ever thought that you would compete with Axlar-Björn, the only known serial killer in the history of Iceland?

Victorian criminals, violent battles as in popular “Hitman” or “Archero”, incredible gameplay, realistic modes and more hardcore stuff in our shooting game offline!
If you want to fight evil, to become a new Batman and start to independently administer justice to killers, as the assassins did, then hurry up to download this unique RPG game in which you need to fight monsters, gangsters, bandits and other villains using all the knowledge, skills and experiences you have! Every player plunges into the lively realistic atmosphere of nineteenth century London, wanders through its narrow streets and enters its grocery stores, in a word – he or she lives an ordinary life. However, in the evening you have to keep your eyes open: twilight in the capital is fraught with great danger and monsters… The all-consuming evil and black magic wake up at night… These nasty monsters are secretly planning to destroy the world, and your aim is to prevent this plan! Do you want to become a hero and improve your leadership skills?

The main aim of the game is to kill all the monsters in the suburbs of London (if you accidentally hit a random dude with a gun in Hackney, people would only be thankful :D). The game itself will be extremely interesting, because all the monsters in this shooting game offline are different from each other and are endowed with incredible magic skills: some enemies use a combination of black magic and deadly spells, others may use guns, and someone does have great parkour skills! But they are all tricky, cruel and much stronger than you! This RPG is not just a senseless single-player game or a boring shooting game offline: you need to apply an individual approach for every single monster and feel their weaknesses. In order to frustrate their plans and not allow them to murder you, you must be able to choose the right weapon and shoot very skillfully. If you think that you can do it with sports pistols, then you are making a big mistake – nothing worth having comes easy! So, you have the following weapons and useful equipment in your arsenal:

💣 Chakram – a throwing weapon from the Indian subcontinent;
💣 Winchester rifles;
💣 Multiply charged revolvers;
💣 Single-shot and multi-shot guns to shoot your enemy;
💣 Bows, arrows and crossbows for brutal hunters and bowmen;
💣 Epic hidden blades and other hardcore equipment.

So many different types of weapons will make you not only an epic archer, but also a talented killer who can fight all the monsters and murder all their bosses. Our game missions cover everything from archery to rock climbing in the woods, have different levels and modes, and realistic gameplay will definitely make you feel like a hero!
Choose weapons you like and kill monsters and other enemies in several locations, because freaks do not only come from Oxford Street. Undoubtedly, sometimes you will have to participate in bloody forest shooting battles and go into combat with murderers. Be careful, because too many people have already disappeared in the vicious forest… Try to be smarter and save civilians from the real evil while enjoying a great variety of locations at the same time!

While shooting one geek after another and successfully fighting the evil, you can use our new feature – Gift System, which will increase your chances! Open different objects and get unique bonuses! As simple as that!

Start your adventure, dear archer! We wish you to become a real hero! This game will be an unforgettable experience!

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