Mario Kart Tour APK (Unlimited Rubies/Coins/Full Unlocked Version)


Download Mario Kart Tour APK (Full Official Latest Version) with unlimited money and fun. Mario Kart Tour APK is your "old but golden" racing sport of Nintendo writer, motivated by their very own game in 1992
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September 15, 2021
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Mario Kart Tour is an addictive game with a compelling story. There are many interesting characters in the game, but you have to choose just one! The gameplay starts out slow at first but quickly ramps up in difficulty. Choose your favorite character and start racing against other people online or offline in this exciting new installment of Mario Kart!

Mario Kart Tour is a popular game that offers players lots of great content. The first thing you’ll notice about this title, as the name suggests, is how similar it looks to Mario Kart on Nintendo devices. This means vibrant colors and familiar characters and locations from your favorite games if you’re already an avid fan of the series.

The controls are easy enough for anyone who has ever played video games before to understand which makes it friendly even for beginners but there’s still plenty here for veterans at high levels because each character can be customized in terms of their stats through special items collected during races or by purchasing them using coins earned while playing. You don’t have to pay real money either so everyone can enjoy all that they want to.

Multiplayer mode & chat with friends

Another exciting feature of this Mario Kart game is the ability to play with friends. The multiplayer mode allows you to compete against other players around the world during a race, chat with them and exchange useful tips!

Play as your favorite character in one of many karts across some familiar tracks from previous games, such as Wario Stadium from Mario Kart Wii&Mario Circuit from Super Mario Bros. In addition to new items like boomerangs and piranha plants , there are also newer mechanics introduced throughout each course that will keep things interesting until the very end. With so much going for this app

Customize your Car, Capsule, and Kart in the new Mario Kart Tour

  • Use specific colors for your character’s skin tone, hair color, eye color & more!
  • Customize your car with special paint
  • Race against friends with local multiplayer mode! You can also play online races to compete for the best times and win great prizes during special events.

Game center support & leaderboard

If you download Mario Kart Tour APK for Android on your smartphone or tablet, then the game will bring a lot of new colorful races and adventures into your life! And we guarantee that this is not just another racing simulator…

This time you need to drive with Mario and his friends along the tracks of Mushroom Kingdom in order to compete against real players from around the world! You can also team up with them and beat everyone who stands in front of you! But be careful: do not forget about passing levels – it’s important too, because only one place under number 15 is allowed here….

So put on a helmet right now and speed up towards victory at full throttle over beautiful landscapes created by

Daily quests, challenges, and rewards system to keep you entertained for hours!

  • Over 200 new and classic Mario Kart tracks to race
  • Play with your friends in a real time Multiplayer mode!
  • A quick jump into the action, Online or Offline modes. You can even play offline without internet connection! Play anytime you want: Nintendo Switch allows for on demand access from anywhere at any time. Start racing now ! Also available via Facebook Messenger !!!

Play against your Facebook friends or any player in the world!

You can choose from a variety of characters, including many fan favorites such as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi or Bowser. Play the new “Mario Kart Tour”!


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