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Marble Age: Remastered APK could be a turn-based strategy game, developed to support the theme of the traditional Greek period.
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January 15, 2021
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Marble Age: Remastered APK could be a turn-based strategy game, developed to support the theme of the traditional Greek period. Once taking part within the game, players have the task of leading, managing troops and resources for a tiny village, at the time when the new culture began to require shape.

Marble Age: Remastered APK MOD information

NameMarble Age: Remastered
Packagecom.clarus victoria.marinemaster
Publisherclarus victoria
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Introduce concerning Marble Age: Remastered

Create your empire

In the game’s tutorial series you’re given 3 cities, Athens, metropolis and Sparta. you’ll opt for one among them to begin the journey to overcome Marble Age: Remastered.

Each of those cities has its own culture, strengths and weaknesses. Athens has excellent diplomacy. Meanwhile, Corinth’s trade was booming ANd Sparta was called a mighty military center. Mastering the data concerning every group is that the key to winning in Marble Age: Remastered. It greatly affects the economic, political and military development. you wish them if you wish to be the leader of ancient Greece.

A realistic strategy game that you simply mustn’t miss

In general, the player’s task once taking part in Marble Age: Remastered is to show a village into an outsized city. Then conquer different continents and manage entire worlds within the game.

And though Marble Age: Remastered is an offline game, AI-controlled lands or cities, they need an equivalent goal as you. Therefore, it is aforesaid that the sport is simple to approach and play fluently when a brief time, however to win could be a pretty tough thing. something will happen after you are attempting to grow your city. sudden attacks from enemies or maybe natural disasters can destroy your city.

Marble Age: Remastered is about in Hellenic Republic ranging from 3000 B.C. till 305 AD. At this point, folks were able to build projects, apply technology for development. Players can apply them to the town stronger whereas recruiting additional units of troopers and peasants.

The player also will have to be compelled to wear down diplomatic problems with different cities within the Greek territory. Of course, creating friends or reaching to war with them is a component of your kingdom’s development plan. Note that other cities even have their own decisions. So, once the player is attacked by unfriendly guys it’s potential at any time. For the on top of reasons, albeit you select Athens to grow, you continue to would like a powerful military system to not be invaded.

Grow your empire in the flow of history

Marble Age: Remastered takes place for quite a long time. Therefore, throughout the game, historical events will occur continuously. Events are bit by bit unlatched as your town grows. the sport invariably has surprises, and then nobody will predict that they’re going to bring benefits or disadvantages to your budding empire.

I am quite excited concerning these events. Once, I used to be allied and attacked by different cities. I accepted their declaration of war, which caused my economy to say no for an extended time, or worse, I had to finish the game early. War, once your city isn’t ready, can cause severe damage. Similar results can happen if our military is weak, economically or different allies aren’t ready.

Grow your civilization

Civilization involves several factors, and culture is that the most vital measure. Because of it, you’ll be able to analyze and develop new technologies. Unlock, upgrade buildings and increase the population of the full city. Because the number of human men increases, the city’s CP increases, serving to unlock new elements.

Along with the culture, you’ll have to be compelled to perform the core missions of the game. As you perform a number of quests, time will pass quickly and provides you additional rewards.

There is kind of a touch of labor that must be done to form your civilization to grow faster. If you’ve got a resource advantage, you must allot them to every national in your town. all of them have distinctive skills and experience to require advantage of.

Download Marble Age: Remastered APK free for Android

Marble Age: Remastered could be a nice strategy game you’ll be able to notice on Google Play. It possesses spectacular 3D graphics at the side of easy-to-access gameplay, appropriate for players who love Hellenic history and wars. The sport includes historical events that happen over many years. though they’re not very elaborate and realistic, historical events additionally have an effect on your city within the game. So, don’t miss something in Marble Age: Remastered.

Marble Age: Remastered is a turn based civilization strategy game about Ancient Greece, where your task is to lead a small village at the dawn of Aegean civilization to its glorious future as one of the most powerful city-states — Athens, Corinth, or Sparta.

Together with the citizens, you will have to fight in ancient battles against various invaders, deal with domestic conflicts, survive natural disasters in order to unite the whole Ancient Greece under your rule, and conquer the entire known world from Northern Africa to North Europe.

Key features:
• Your choice of a city will determine the game’s strategy: diplomatic style for Athens, trading style for Corinth, and military-style for Sparta.
• Research ancient technologies, manage resources, build monuments to turn your settlement into a flourishing and influential Polis!
• Explore the world, establish colonies, build relationships with neighbors through the game’s deep diplomacy system.
• Wisely distribute your workers to ensure a stable supply of food and materials.
• Learn the history of Ancient Greece in a fun way!
• Allows offline gaming.

Remastered version changes:
• Completely new graphics and music.
• Updated technologies and buildings.
• New events, trials, and achievements.
• New game mechanics and improved balance.


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