Insta360 ONE Review: The Best Camera To Capture You Amazing Moments

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Insta 360 ONE 4K

The Insta 360 One Action Camera capture the 360 Degree photos and Videos. The camera support the 4K recording also has built in 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization.

Camera Quality 9.5/10Design 10/10Stabilization 9/10Battery Life 8.5/10

​​Insta 360 ONE Review

The Insta 360 One is the latest 360 degree camera. The camera is able to capture the 360 degree images and videos. With the help of Insta 360 can capture the photos at 4K ( 3840 x 1920 ) 30fps; 7K ( 6912 x 3456 ) resolutions. The camera has the 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization so you can mount it on your bike or cycle it will record your trip without lacking and smoothly. The camera support the 128GB TF Card. But you have to compromise with display because it doesn’t have that. The camera has the Battery Capacity of 820mAh, which can be charged with the USB. The camera take 3h to full charge and it can record the video upto 70min. The insta 360 One have the Bluetooth 4.0 t connect it with phone to app. You can do the live streaming also once it connect with your smartphone. The Camera is only support the iPhone so android users might get disappoint.

                  Pros & Cons Of Insta 360 One

Insta 360 can capture the 360 images and videos.
Built in 6-axis gyroscopic stabilization
Resolution: 4K( 3840×1920 ) 30fps; 7K (6912 x 3456)
Compatible with iPhone 

Max External Card Supported: 128GB

Battery Capacity (mAh): 820mAh

Display Is Not Available
Only Compatible With iPhone Not with Android
Battery Size is Small

Camera Quality

The 24MP camera of the Insta 360 is able to capture the images and videos in the 4K mode. So, you will get the up-most quality of the video and pictures. The Camera has the built-in image stabilization. So you will get a stable video while camera is mounted on the bike, or any thing else. The camera have a lot of modes like Face Tracking, Time-lapse, Bullet Time, etc.


The Insta 360 have the 820mAh built-in battery. Which can be charge through any     USB charger. You don’t have to carry another special charger for the Camera. By        doing a single charge it can record the 70min. continuously.


The camera doesn’t offers any kind of storage, you have to insert the memory card to store your images and videos. It support the 128GB external memory card. Here is one thing you need to know that, to save the 4K video you have to use the Class 10 memory card. Other then that camera also support the Bluetooth 4.0, you can connect it with your phone through Bluetooth also.

Technical Details

The technical details of the camera is very simple and brief. The Insta 360 4K camera have the 24MP camera with built-in image stabilization. The camera doesn’t have the storage space, so you have to insert the external memory card to save your all videos and images. You can also connect your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0.

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