How To Naturally Enhance Site Rankings in Search Engines

Every online marketer aims to enhance their website ranking in search and keeping their website relevant to the search engine takes the biggest challenge along the process. Keeping your page rank position in Google search is highly competitive and the formula on how the Google search engine rank websites on search remains to be secret. But one of the effective ways of keeping your site ranking high on search is to maintain the organic traffic to your site. Here are ways on how you can naturally enhance your website ranking in the search results page.

Using keyword optimization process

The proper use of keywords on your web page is critical in helping your SERP ranking on search. In order to keep the relevance of your site to the search engine, it is essential to use a keyword that best represents your website content to give the search engine the proper signal about your website niche. You can too hire a good writing company like thesis service for creating a great content.  Use the keywords for the meta tag in the header section as well as on your title and description. This is essential to help the search engine provide a targeted result based on human queries on search. The search engine gives more emphasis on indexing the first 200 words of a web page, thus you should put your keyword within this range of your content. The appropriate keyword should also appear in the heading and anchor text as well. Make sure not to over use the keywords because it will send a red flag of spamming to the search engine that can significantly hurt your website ranking. SEO toronto can help you in this case for better optimization and can enhance you search engine rankings.


Website design strategy

Your website design and architecture will also help in enhancing your website ranking on the search engine. How your website is able to interact and engage your visitors can affect your website ranking, especially when many of them bookmark your site or share your link to others. A website that is mobile, fluid and responsive is highly preferred by the search engine because it provides internet users better convenience to view a particular website that is easy to navigate and user friendly. By providing a good viewing experience to your site visitors you tend to engage them better with repeat visits that can help improve your website ranking. Your website coding can also affect the Google spider’s ability to crawl and index your site when your HTML architecture is flooded with complicated codes. It can also affect the download time of a web page which can affect your site’s ability to engage your potential visitors.

Social media marketing tactics


Social media provides a very strong signal to the search engine thus a social media marketing campaign is very important in enhancing your website ranking on search. Getting more social signals will grow your organic traffic which will help in boosting your search engine ranking better by providing quality back links to your site. Social media channels will also help in building more followers to your site which is a good signal to the search engine that many internet users trust your website authority.

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