How do you compact a PST file?

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How do you compact a PST file?

Reduce the size of an Outlook Data File (. pst)

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Click Account Settings, and then click Account Settings.
  3. On the Data Files tab, click the data file that you want to compact, and then click Settings.
  4. Click Compact Now.

How do I reduce the size of my Outlook 2010 OST file?

Manage Mailbox by Reducing OST File

  1. Delete the items that are not required anymore.
  2. Open Folder List view.
  3. Click on the File tab, click on Account Settings and then select Account Settings.
  4. Next, under the Data Files tab, select the file that is required to compact and then click on Settings.

Does archiving reduce Ost size?

Archiving OST file data: Archiving OST file data might reduce OST file size and clear some space occupied on the server. You can change archive OST file location in your system. You can move older items in the mailbox to an archive folder by clicking on the AutoArchive option….

What is the maximum OST file size?

50 GB

How do I clean out my entire Outlook mailbox?

Mailbox Cleanup is a one-stop-clean-up tool you can use to trim the size of your mailbox. In Outlook, choose File> Tools > Mailbox Cleanup. Do any of the following: View the total size of your mailbox and of individual folders within it.

Does Outlook cleanup delete attachments?

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about lost details because Outlook looks at the content of emails and deletes earlier messages that have duplicate content but will not delete messages with attachments. Go to the Mail tab and go to the Conversation Clean Up region….

How do I free up space in Outlook without deleting?

How to Prevent Your Outlook Mailbox from Getting Full

  1. Archive older items. Put any items you want to keep in an archive to free up space.
  2. Empty the “Deleted Items” folder.
  3. Empty the “Junk Email” folder.
  4. Store attachments outside your mailbox.

How does Outlook clean up folder work?

Clean up Folder removes all redundant messages in the current folder and moves them to the “Cleanup” folder. These messages aren’t deleted, just moved.

How do I clean up conversations in Outlook 2010?

Remove redundant messages

  1. On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click Clean Up.
  2. Click one of the following: Clean Up Conversation The current Conversation is reviewed, and redundant messages are deleted. Clean Up Folder All Conversations in the selected folder are reviewed, and redundant messages are deleted.

How do I clean up a folder in Outlook 2010?

If you have Classic Menu for Outlook 2010 and 2013 installed, you can…

  1. Click the folder you want to clean up.
  2. On Menus tab, click the Folder menu.
  3. Choose the Clean Up Folder option.

Where is clean up conversation in outlook?

Head to File > Options > Mail and then scroll down to the “Conversation Clean Up” section. By default, Conversation Cleanup deletes items, but if you want to move redundant items to a folder instead, you can click “Browse” and choose the folder to which you want to move them….

How does reply and delete work in Outlook?

Open the email message that you want to reply and auto delete. 3. In the RE: Message window, compose your email and then click Send button to send it. After replying the email, the original message you received is automatically deleted.

Does recipient know if recall email?

The recipient is then informed that you have recalled the original message. If the message is marked as read when the recall message arrives, the recall attempt will fail and the message will remain in the recipient’s inbox. However, the recipient will be informed that you attempted to recall the message….

What happens when you delete an Outlook email?

When you close your Microsoft account, your email and contacts are deleted from our servers and can’t be recovered. If you use your Microsoft account with Xbox, Skype, OneDrive, or other Microsoft services, you’ll no longer be able to access those services.

What happens if you delete an email on outlook?

Once you delete an account from Outlook, you’ll no longer be able to send and receive mail from that account in Outlook. These instructions are for the Microsoft 365 subscription version of Outlook, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, 2013, and 2010 only.

Can you delete an email once sent?

Sadly not. Once sent, the message is out of your control. Although some email software may have a recall or undo, these functions are not doing what you think.

How do I delete an email before someone reads it in Outlook?

How to delete/recall a sent email before recipients reading in…

  1. In the Mail view, click to open the Sent Items folder, and then double click to open the sent email you want to delete.
  2. In the opening Message window, please click Message > Actions > Recall This Message.

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