How Do No Document Refinance Home Mortgage Loans Work?

When a borrower decides that he wants to refinance his home loan, he actually needs to have a brand new mortgage. He would need to submit to his mortgage lending company of choice all the important documents that are necessary in the processing and approval of his loan refinancing application. The mere process of collecting and making such documents available for submission can actually be taxing and take so much time. This is the reason why there are applicants who prefer to apply for no document home mortgage refinance loan schemes.

As it is, with all the necessary requirements available for the lending company to check and evaluate, an application can be easily approved especially if the applicant possesses good credit score. Actually, for a prospective borrower who possesses good credit history, he only has to present his credit score as well as his social security number. The lending company will then process the verification of his credit score by checking on his credit history. If it is satisfied, the company will now have the confidence of granting the borrower a brand new mortgage even without him submitting all the needed documents. However, it must be noted that lending companies do not automatically grant no-document mortgage refinance loans. First of all, an applicant must express his intent to be granted such type of loan. Second, it is most likely for lenders to grant such loans only to applicants possessing really high credit score.

One important advantage of obtaining no-document mortgage refinance loans is that the borrower is given the privilege of keeping his privacy. It is a fact that a great number of individuals are wary and even uncomfortable about sharing their vital information to lending companies. However, they cannot do anything about it as providing such information is a must in order for applications to be processed and approved.

Some of the important information that a lender needs to obtain in line with an application are employment status of applicant, his annual income and any other pertinent financial data and information. This is certainly not the same with no-doc refinance loan, wherein borrowers are not required to disclose their vital information. There is but one catch with such loans requiring no documents – they come with very high interest rates. However, if you are an applicant and you do not mind high rates and value privacy, then this type of refinance mortgage loan is definitely for you.

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