How do I connect my Harbor Breeze remote to my fan?

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How do I connect my Harbor Breeze remote to my fan?

Replace the remote battery and battery compartment cover. Restore the electricity to your Harbor Breeze fan by flipping the appropriate circuit breaker switch back to the “On” position. Press the “Hi,” “Med” and “Lo” buttons on the remote control within 20 seconds to synchronize it to the fan.

Why isn’t my Hampton Bay fan remote working?

If your Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote is not working, try these troubleshooting steps. Make sure both the receiver and the remote are set at the same frequency. Turn off your power supply. Set the code on the remote by sliding the code switches either up or down.

What do you do if you lose your ceiling fan remote?

My ceiling fan won’t turn off with a remote control. How do I turn it off? The first step would be to replace the battery in the remote control. If that doesn’t work you will just have to use the wall switch or the pull chain to control the fan until you can have the remote control system replaced.

Can you replace a fan remote?

If your ceiling fan remote control does not work, try changing out the batteries. If you lost your ceiling fan remote or it is broken you will need to get a replacement remote. Below are Universal ceiling fan remote controls and name brand ceiling fan remotes made for Hunter, Hampton Bay, and Harbor Breeze fans.

Do ceiling fan remotes go bad?

The remote receiver varies the voltage and current to change the fan motor speed. But ceiling fan remote control units can go bad too. Before you even think about tearing the fan apart to diagnose a problem, replace the batteries in the transmitter first.

How do you reset a Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote?

First, turn off the power then switch it back on again and within 30 seconds of turning it on you will need to hold down the fan off button for 10 seconds. Doing this will reset it. However, if that didn’t work then you may need to sync the sensor in the fan with the remote control.

How can I control my fan without a remote?

To control a remote-controlled ceiling fan without using the remote, add a pull cord to the pull switch on the motor module. The pull cord can be purchased from a hardware store or garden and patio shop, while the tools needed are already in most households.

Where is the model number on a Hampton Bay ceiling fan?

On Hampton Bay ceiling fans, the product number is usually found on a sticker (usually silver) on top of the motor housing.

Is Hampton Bay made by Hunter?

When compared to Hunter, Hampton Bay is a much younger brand with a founding date of 1986. The brand is owned by Home Depot and is a part of their growing number of house brands. Hampton Bay specializes in making not only ceiling fans, but light fixtures and outdoor furniture.

Where is Harbor Breeze fan model number?

The model number can be found on the fan motor, as well as on the inside of the battery compartment cover of the included remote.

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