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March 11, 2021
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Horror Show MOD APK (Free Shopping) is available to download on APKMODY. You will have more advantages when upgrading characters and buying items for free.

Overview information

NameHorror Show
PublisherAzur Interactive Games
Version0.99.006 (build 207426)
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping [Details]
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Introduce about Horror Show

As soon as Azur Interactive Games Limited released a beta version of the Horror Show, it caught the attention of horror game lovers all over the world. No expectations, right after being officially launched, Horror Show has made gamers in the world “fascinated” by the unprecedented scary in every scene. Come to this game, what would you choose? Do you dare to fight for life or hunt for innocent victims?


Wanting to find a new feeling for the upcoming vacation, you and three other people form a team and decide to go to an abandoned farm to explore. To make the fun more interesting, people decided to explore at night to increase the feeling of suspense. It was not strange at first, only the scenery and darkness covered. However, you suddenly realize your team is not alone here. There is a psychopath who is willing to kill the unlucky ones to enter his territory. Facing the danger to your own life, how will you make a choice?


There are many survival horror games on the market now, so what makes Horror Show become a phenomenon? In this game, the weak don’t just run and scream. Players can choose one of two roles: Survival and Maniac. The missions accordingly are also adapted to match the type of character you choose. If you are a survivor, your mission is to flee and try to rescue others. As a Maniac, you need to hunt down and kill all survivors.

Do you want to be a hunter or prey? I myself personally prefer the role of the Maniac. Instead of letting fear prevail throughout the journey, you can now freely use weapons in your hand, find and destroy those who dare to enter your land. With this role, you have the ability to know what the survivors are doing, so you can easily track and find opportunities to catch them. In addition, in Maniac mode, you can become an intelligent killer, build your own strategy to create the most unique murders. There are up to three assassins for you to choose from, each with a weapon and a unique way of fighting.

Horror Field is also a horror game, and has gameplay similar to Horror Show.


Although the player will initially only be able to select four available characters, as you progress deeper into the world of Horror Show, you will be able to unlock more characters. Each of them has special characteristics and skills, giving you a sight advantage in the escape.

Not only that, when winning the bonus, players can also use it to upgrade their characters stronger and move faster. Speed is an advantage in games like this, whether the character is in the role of a fugitive or a hunter! Moreover, the upgrade is also a part of the game’s progress that players need to make.

Control mechanism

Horror Show is only released on mobile platforms so it has an easy-to-use control system, making it easy to operate on touch screen devices. To control the character moves, the player just needs to use the left finger to swipe the screen according to the D-Pad button. The virtual icons on the right side of the screen are used to perform actions. The player just needs to let the character move randomly on the map, operation buttons will appear when you approach an interactive item. For example, Survival can collect items or heal allies. If you’re a killer, you’ll see an attack button when you’re near a prey.

As you can see, the gameplay and controls of Horror Show are quite simple to approach. Players only need to move around the map, while automatic actions are performed every time the character has the ability. However, that does not mean it is easy to overcome challenges. Time and health are limited. They will gradually be exhausted on this deadly journey. If you do not have a good tactic, you will fall into the trap of the Death.

Scary design

Horror Show is a horror game so of course, its graphics are characterized by dark colors. An abandoned farm with messy furnishings, gloomy houses and a weak light as a sign of death are imminent. More than that, gore effects, creepy sounds and screams add to the suspense! You will soon be immersed in the context and enjoy it!

Because of its violence and horror, the game is only for players 16 and older. You should consider before downloading it to your Android device.

MOD APK version of Horror Show

MOD feature

Free Shopping: You can buy items, characters and upgrades completely free when using Horror Show MOD APK version of APKMODY. Even if you have 0 money, you can still buy items.

Download Horror Show MOD APK for Android

It can be said that Horror Show is one of the most prominent and unique names in the genre of horror game that I have ever played. If you love breathtaking chases, escape scenes, don’t miss this interesting horror game. You can download the original APK file or the MOD APK version (Free Shopping) to have more advantages.

Fight for your life, or hunt innocent victims? Mansion or asylum rooms? Horror Show is a scare fest where you play as either a maniac or survivor.

You find yourself in an abandoned camp with three other nighttime thrill seekers… But it’s not long before you realize you wandered straight into the cursed playground of a depraved psychopath. Time to choose your side!

About the game:
– 4 survivors with different stats
– 3 maniacs with special hunting tactics
– Classic 1 vs 4 survivor style combo
– Upgrade either hero type and unlock new heroes
– Logic puzzles: figure out how to escape your nightmare
– Play as the killer for scary hack-and-slash slaughter mania. Find all your victims! Fresh meat!
– Real-time multiplayer mode

Why you’ll love Horror Show:
– Unique carnage graphics and bone-chilling sound effects
– Combine hero skills and work with your fellow survivors to figure out new ways of escape and survival
– Don’t forget that you can heal your characters and help each other escape shadow capture
– In maniac mode, you can also build your own strategy for the “”most inventive murder””
– The maniac hears what his victims are doing, and can track them down and capture them

Bloody hide and seek 666 games style!



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