EKEN H9S Action Camera Review And Specifications

EKEN is famous for producing good quality products with affordable cost price. They have launched yet another product into the market. It is a feature packed camera which can capture your greatest moments in great simplicity yet perfect quality.The upgraded version of H9R is presented to you in form of H9S. When they say upgraded, they really mean it. There are numerous features added to this camera as compared to the last one. Let’s have a look at it.

Let’s run for the quick specification and see what’s making this camera better than others:

Display 2” Screen
Video 4K 25fps / 2.7K 30fps/ 1080p 60/30fps
Photo Resolution 12M/8M/5M/4M
Burst Photo 3 Photos
Time Lapse 2s/3s/5s/10s/20s/30s/60s
Super Wide Angle Lens 170 degree
Waterproof Up to 100 feet
Storage Micro SDHC card (Not included)
Battery 1050mAh (1080p30 1.5 hours, 4K 25/1080p60 50 mins)

Camera & Lens

With a 2 inch screen, this small and compact camera comes with JPG photo format. The photo resolution is 12M/8M/5M/4M. Other features related to the camera are photo burst techniques, loop recording and time-lapse. You will get an ultra HD 4K video format with 1080p, 720p or 120p video qualities as per your choice. There is a super wide angle lenses support of 170 degrees. The burst photos can be clicked at 3 photos per shot. The ultra HD resolution and 4K photo and video recording will give you a spectacular video among and photography experience when you use it. The good resolution and photo quality will increase your interest and passion for the love of photography.

The moments captured here will be viewed in ultra HD quality which will enhance your experience. You can set time lapse at intervals from 2 to 60 seconds and it can take burst photos up to 10 frames per second. The versatile shooting mode, video mode, photo mode or burst mode with different features allow you to capture the best moments and feed them or share them with the Wi-Fi connection.

The LED display is waterproof which makes all your experience even better. Larger screen for viewing better photos is also present. The waterproof camera enables wider angle view than those with 90 degrees or 120 degrees. The major quality in this camera is its waterproof feature due to which you can take it up to 100 feet below the water and capture some of the most spectacular moments of your adventure. The waterproof camera is wearable and mountable. It enables you to capture some fun activities, adventurous moments such as surfing, diving, biking or driving.

Software & Hardware

Wi-Fi connectivity is provided to the users making it even more convenient. The Wi-Fi signal ranges up to 33 feet which means you can capture your moments and share them instantly. You can capture your moments and share them instantly with your friends or family. Multi-language interface which includes different languages such as English, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Turkish, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Thai and many others will let you use it without any barriers to the communication or utilization. The storage can be done with a micro SDHC card which can be bought individually.

The battery is 1050mAh which proves to be pretty decent in this case. It can last up to 2 hours with continuous usage on video capturing on 4K quality. Slots for micro USB and HDMI are given. SD card can be purchased from outside and is not included in the original package.

Here some of the sample photos captured from the Camera, we must say that it is wonderful and clarity is great.


If you love to go on adventures, love outings or have a passion for photography then this camera is for you. It will enable you to take some spectacular photographs and videos with its versatile features. It will not fail you in deepest circumstances. Filled with features, affordable price and multi-tasking capability make it ones of the best choice in the market today. If you want to have live action photos captured in your memories forever, then go for this camera. Here we have listed the two links for the buy this product, one is for US consumer and others is UK.

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