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May 20, 2021
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Dragon City MOD APK is a game that has been taking the world by storm. The premise of this game is to build your own dragon city and then defend it from other players or computer-controlled opponents. This article will explore how you can play Dragon City on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Dragon City MOD APK is an excellent game that allows players to breed, raise and train dragons. Players will be able to enjoy the best features of this game by using our Dragon City. This mod includes unlimited gems, gold, and food for free.

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Gameplay Features

The game is an idle, clicker-style game. Players collect dragons and grow them in habitats to earn money. They can then use that money to buy more habitats or food for their dragons.

Food allows the dragon’s levels to rise which makes it possible for players to breed new types of Dragons, even if they’re currently on cooldown. Dragon City has quests that are completed by collecting dragon eggs from breeding caves once a player reaches stage five in each habitat type (there is seven total).

Achievements unlock with every fifty stages reached increasing the difficulty level over time but also increasing rewards along with bonuses like free gems when completing certain tasks within the game world itself. The gem system is very important it provides access to items such as food, gems, and speed-ups.

Gems are also critical to purchasing certain buildings that increase the rate of income production allowing players some choice in how they want to play Dragon City.

War & Fighting Strategy

The game has many features and the most interesting of them is that you have to build your own city where you will create a Dragon, train it for battles between Wizards. You can also play with friends in real-time!

The newest version offers exciting new content including baby dragons, an all-new island map, PvP mode updates + more!

It’s always fun building up your Dragons City but this gives players unlimited gems & coins so they don’t need to wait or spend money anymore. This makes playing much easier and helps them explore everything this game has to offer.

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Hunting Dragons

Build & Manage a City on floating islands and train your Dragons for epic battles!

  • Hatch new baby dragons in the hatchery, tell them stories at bedtime, and help them grow big and strong.
  • Collect eggs from habitats to earn rewards like rare dragonCash or food “magic”.
  • Search Draconian towers to find treasure chests full of gems or sticks that can be turned into valuable buildings – including pyramids.

Warriors need somewhere to battle their enemies so build up an army with powerful spells by swapping items in your Wizard Tower collection. The more you collect the bigger they are! Take over all six Dragon Cities using strength, strategy, magic power, or even friends’ help.

Play with friends in real-time, chat, and trade over the Realms or through your Facebook account!

Dragon City MOD APK allows you to experience all this right away but we recommend starting small, growing strong, and learning how to create a beautiful Dragon city without spending money. It’s easier than it looks! Have fun playing our newest version of War & Fighting Strategy Game: DRAGON CITY MOD GAMEPLAY APP! Get ready for battle now!

Dragon Eggs

Once your egg hatches, you will receive a message that says: “Your brand new Dragon is ready to play!” with its species and level visible on screen. You can train it at this point by pressing the button labeled ‘Train’, which looks like chessboard pieces scattered across an open book.

The number of levels after each training session depends on your dragon’s current level; when done correctly, players should see their dragon grow up before their eyes! There are additional features available once you hit certain milestones throughout the game such as breeding or owning specific types of dragons — but those aren’t unlocked until later down the line so we won’t spoil them here! 🙂

Gem System

Players can use this system to buy gems, items, and other resources. Anyone who tries Dragon City MOD APK will find the gem system especially helpful! It allows players to purchase extra energy or stamina with real money. Gems are also used for buying dragons that you don’t have enough runes to hatch, speeding up hatching time by using diamonds instead of stones.

Finally, they are frequently used for trading purposes in order to get better dragons faster than if you were collecting them yourself because playing is very slow otherwise. Be warned, however: unless your phone has a great data plan it might be best not to do so as one level takes forever without an internet connection!


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