How to Change Netflix Region Without VPN? Guide!

If you are looking for How to Change Netflix Region Without VPN? then you are right website. If you want to use VPN for Netflix then you can check our guide about how to use Netflix with VPN.

Or if you want to learn how you can stream Netflix without any VPN then you can find out it here.

Why do you Need to Change the Region?

Netflix is the world’s best and largest streaming service and due to so much famous the service is not available in all regions and countries. However, you can still use the Netflix app if you are not in a supported country of Netflix. You must be wondering how? Well, this is so easy and you can learn it too.

You will need to change your region to a supported country if you want to enjoy Netflix streaming online. And for this purpose, there are two methods. One is very easy which is to use a VPN app and then change your location to a supported country and watch the all movies.

And the other method is without VPN and this method is what you are looking for, are not you? So here we have something for you.

How to Change Netflix Region without VPN?

If you don’t want to use any VPN or other things like this then you can use a MOD APK version of Netflix that will not restrict you from anything. A MOD APK version is an updated and modified version of the Netflix app that will remove all the restrictions of the original Netflix app. So whether you are in a supported region or a non-supported region, you can watch Netflix anywhere.

So if you want to change your Netflix region without a VPN then you should use a MOD APK version of Netflix.

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