Blade Bound MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems/Skills)


Download Blade Bound MOD APK with unlimited gems & skills. The amazing RPG strategy game is here for you to install & enjoy.
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March 26, 2021
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Blade Bound MOD APK is a new game that has been gaining popularity in the past few weeks. This is an RPG game with a storyline, impressive graphics, and addictive gameplay. The game was released on October 18th, 2018 by R&D Games and it’s available for free download from Google Play Store. It offers hours of entertainment to players of all ages!


The Blade Bound game is a story-driven dungeon crawler RPG. The game features an immersive storyline, engaging and realistic combat system with various weapons to choose from, exploration of uncharted territories in the world as well as dungeons that contain puzzles and secrets. Blade Bound is not your regular hack n’ slash game, but rather a story-centric experience with absorbing and fast-paced combat.

The game is the latest version of Blade Bound that has been modded by gamers to get some in-game perks along with new features. The Bladebound includes Auto Aiming which makes fighting much easier as you can easily kill monsters from afar without having to go too close or waste time trying to aim your shots.

Other features include: Super Jump; Unlimited HP; Infinite Gold Coins; Infinite Shield Energy (Shields will not take any damage); Rare Weapons have unlimited durability when picked up and all weapons are dropped at a maximum level while exploring dungeons.


  • Auto Aiming lets you choose the direction of your shots.
  • Super Jump allows you to jump over obstacles with ease and deal damage while in the air which is a great alternative to regular jumps.
  • Unlimited HP ensures that there will be no need for potions or save points as Bladebound provides unlimited health levels making it easier for players who don’t want all these extra items on their inventory just so they can live longer.
  • Infinite Gold Coins makes sure that players have enough money even when they lose some along the way because let’s face it: sometimes we make mistakes.
  • Infinite Shield Energy means shields won’t break after being hit once which helps immensely during boss fights


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