Americanexpress/confirmcard – Confirm Amex Card Online

Americanexpress/confirmcard is an official website to confirm the American Express credit card which is a well-known company in the United States. If you are an AMEX card user and you want to confirm your American Express card then this guide is for you. So go to and activate your card online. If your card is delivered already and you are looking for where to sign in so you can activate your card then you need to read our easy to follow guide to confirming and American Express card. There are two ways to verify your card, one is with the online official website and the other is with a phone call.


Amex Card Online Activation Process

Follow the guidelines below:

  1. First of all, you have to visit the original website AmericanExpress/ConfirmCard
  2. Now on the original website, you will see a welcome page and some boxes to fill up
  3. Read all the statements carefully and then enter the required details, which are:
  4. Enter 15 Digit Card Number
  5. Enter 4 Digit Card ID Number
  6. Now click on Confirm
  7. You will be redirected to the registration page where you need to do registration with AMEX

About Amex

AMEX company was founded on March 18, 1850, in New York. However, in the initial days, it was a company of express mailor money order business and Henry Wells was the owner of the American express. It was the 30 components of dow jones industrial average.

Moreover, Henry Wells combined all of his mail companies to form one company which was American Express. 

In 1857, the American express started it’s first financial service which was a money order service and then they introduce their credit cards as well.

This banking and credit card company is very successful all over America. A user can not get a debit or business credit card if he has a bad credit history or credit score. There are some of the famous cards by American Express, blue cash, platinum card, gift card, and gold card.

American Express Credit Cards

American Express Platinum Card: American Express Platinum is an amazing card that you can activate to get many perks from AMEX. The annual fee is $550 without any tax include. But you can get amazing travel discounts, cashback, and rebates on this card that you can use on any card purchase.

You can buy cheap air travel tickets and you can book hotels online easily.
There are so many ways to pay your annual card fee and you can even pay the card fee late as well. If you have a savings bank account then you can get this card and save some money as well. For checking bank account, you can also get the card but you can not do savings. The APR is very high so you should know that you are going to pay a high APR ratio from a Platinum card, You can pay your utility bills from a Platinum card

Blue Cash Preferred: As you know Amex has plenty of best cards that are offering you amazing benefits. So Blue Cash Preferred® is one of the credit cards that you can use to avail of benefits from American Express. This card has some amazing values and benefits that can ease your financial life. On the other hand, you can confirm your Blue Cash Preferred® card online with the help of our guide.

So let’s check what this card is offering.

You can buy American Express travel tickets with amazing deals and discounts.

If you are living in the USA then you can make transactions online and in the local shopping stores to buy commodities and other stuff.

There is a very low annual fee, and you can avail the maximum advantages from this credit card.

If you want to buy Amex gift cards then you can buy them from this credit card and send these gift cards to your friends and family.

On special occasions like Christmas and Thanks Giving, you can send amazing gifts to your beloved ones and family with this card.

There is an average APR ratio for this card and you can achieve the 3% APR and low annual fee up to $500 with lots of cool features.

What are Types of American Express Cards?

Another amazing credit card from Amex is a Amex EveryDay®. As the names suggest that Amex EveryDay® is a card for your everyday life. So if you want to get features from a debit card for your daily life routine then choose this debit card right now. Most of it, you can activate this debit card online on Americanexpress/confirmcard website.

So here are the Types of Amex card

  • This card can change your daily financial life
  • It’s really hard to find a debit or gift card that can actually ease your day to day finance matters, and this card has the ability to do it
  • Besides the daily finance, this debit card gives you the opportunity to save some money for your family. So you can do savings for a hard time
  • Moreover, this card will provide you all basics of a credit card with an average annual fee
  • The APR ratio is 2.3% and you can pay your bills, do shopping online and in stores, dine into restaurants, and many more

If you are using Amex Green Card then you can confirm this card on the phone as you know American express confirm card phone number is listed above. For you information, an American express credit card can be activated on the web as well. For american express online services, you can visit the customer service form as well. So let’s talk about this card and it’s features.

  • Go to the Amex site and order your card to get these amazing features right now
  • The APR ratio is very minimal and the annual fee for this Green Card is $250
  • You can confirm this card online and on the phone as well
  • Buy commodities and other stuff from this card and get deals and discounts online and in the local grocery stores
  • Enjoy the American express online services with this card and save some cash for your future
  • To apply for this card, you need to go to American Express bank and open a saving bank account and a checking bank account whichever you like, and then fill the application form to get this credit card