Americanexpress com confirmcard – Online Way to Confirm Amex Card

Visit americanexpress com confirmcard and login into your account to confirm your American Express credit card. Because this is the easiest way to get your card activation for free.

However, you need to activate and confirm your new AMEX credit card because you can not use it on any ATM or shopping mall without the activation.

However, there are two ways to confirm any American express card.

Confirm AMEX card online at

Confirm AMEX card on the phone (1-800-362-6033)

Americanexpress com confirmcard

american express card

Here is a step by step guide for confirm American Express card online.

Online Activation

The very easy and first way to confirm your card is via login to your AMEX account. You need to login online here americanexpress/confirmcard and then complete your activation process without any hassles.

  1. Now visit the official website ( of American Express or you can click on the button below to reach there
  2. On the official website, you will see an American Express card with blank spaces
  3. You need to enter the following details in those blank boxes
  4. 16 digits of American Express card number
  5. 4 digits of card ID number
  6. For card number, please check your credit card’s front side, and for the card ID number, check the rear side of your card
  7. Now click to “Confirm” and you will redirect to the next page
  8. On the next page, you need to enter your personal details like first name, address, phone number, and email ID
  9. Once you fill-up the whole form, you can click on finish and your activation will be done
  10. After some time, you will get an email from AMEX regarding your card verification

American Express Credit Card Services

American Express is a company that was established back in 1918. Also, it is a finance and banking related company that deals with dozens of credit cards and charge cards.

If you are living in the United States, then you probably one one of the AMEX card as well. It is because the company is offering so many advantages and rewards to their customers and cardholders.

The headquarter of the company is in New York and AMEX is delivering so many rewards for using their cards.

Some of the cards services from American Express are below:

  • American Express Platinum Credit Card
  • American Express Black Card
  • American Express Gold Card
  • American Express Blue Cash Card

Advantages of American Express Cards

There are numerous advantages of using American Express personal cards. You can use your personal Amex card in any shop and restaurant. Also, you will get a 5000 reward points gift when you spend $15000 on your personal credit card. Another advantage of using an Amex credit card is that if you use the Amex knot credit card with your wife or husband, you will earn 10,000 reward points on the shopping of $15000. So it’s an amazing opportunity for regular credit card users so you can enjoy the unlimited benefits from this company.

There are many other types of credit cards like bank cards, Visa cards, and MasterCard that have their own terms and conditions. However, American Express has its own values and terms, and services. So you can spend as much money as you want throughout the world. Make card transactions in the United States and outside of the United States as well.

You can enjoy travel insurance, free movie tickets, and reward points as well. There are some limits for foreign cardholders but in the US, there is no such limit.

Spend Money All Around the World

The most amazing benefit of American Express credit personal card is that you can spend money all around the world. Unlike other credit card companies, they do not offer so many features when you need to pay money abroad. But American Express cards are very famous, and almost all kinds of business people and common people are using them so making transactions with Amex card is now very easy. You can use these cards for booking travel tickets, in restaurants, gas stations, and grocery supermarkets.

And not this, you can also get amazing cashback discounts when you spend money from your American Express card. Amex is offering different kinds of reward programs that start with 1 point when you spend $1 on grocery, gas refilling, supermarkets, airfare, and many more.

And some cards even give your 3 points and 5x points when you spend cash on your regular commodities, and other things. So there are so many benefits that one can avail of this amazing credit card service.

American Express has launched so many kinds of personal credit cards for their customers. Some of them are American Express Platinum card, Blue Cash card, Gold card, DeltaSky Miles, and many more. All these cards have their own benefits and features for customers.


In the final conclusion, we want you to check our all step by step guides about how to confirm American Express cards. Our guide is for Americanexpress com confirmcard is now available on this site so check it.