7 Incredible Facts About Twitter that can improve your Online Marketing Strategy

In the life of a modern user of the Internet and member of different social networks, Twitter is one of such networks, that has scored more than 300 million users since it was launched in 2006.

Many of the mentioned users are people, who lead their business there. They use Twitter in order to inform their customers about the latest news and writing messages about offers and product brands.

By the way, today individuals are also using Twitter in order to advance their careers, services and partnerships. If you are a smart user of Twitter, you have the opportunity to earn money through this platform.

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You should be proficient in marketing moves in relation to themselves and others, as well as stay on top of trends and current events. So, the given post will tell you how to make money using Twitter and how to improve your marketing strategy.

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1) Become an expert in work with Twitter.

No one with a “rudimentary” skills for Twitter will be able to earn in a given social network, it’s a common fact.

You must have good skills with the involvement of followers to your account, using multiple accounts and come up with tweets, that grab attention.

The last means that your posts mustn’t be boring, and they should bring fun for the users.

2) Gain experience in the marketing sphere.

To monetize yourself you have to understand such concepts as online marketing plans to attract potential clients and affiliate marketing.

You need to have a website or create a resume that reflects your experience in marketing and work on Twitter for websites, wishing to instruct someone their Twitter account.

3) Use Twitter for your business account.

Accounts in social networks are ideal in order to attract potential customers to your website.

Use strategy to obtain publicity or make special offers for subscribers only Twitter, offer free content or free trial, if the user clicks on a link from Twitter and enters into account.


Earn money by linking these customers via e-mail with offers on products, aiming at them. This work need some creativity from you, because users today prefer to react on something unusal.

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4) Use your blog and Twitter account in order to become an affiliate.

Find the products, in which people, that read your blog, are interested, then contact the company in order to get an affiliate link for placing it on its website.

Every 10-50 tweets contain an affiliate link in the message with an urgent recommendation.

Partnership marketing allows people to advertise their products on the site, to get a share from the sale of goods.

Product manufacturers receive valuable advertising, while an affiliate expects monthly check for a percentage of sales, if the trade is successful.

5) Look for sponsored tweets through online search engines.

Many companies are searching for popular accounts on Twitter, from time to time send back messages about their products.

Contact to the company, make a financial agreement and start to operate your contract “fee tweet.”

Make a written agreement with the company and evidence of writing your tweets that you have the opportunity to present with him.

Also, make sure you select the interval for sponsorship tweets, in order not to annoy your readers. If you lose your followers, you may miss out on potential sales, and your contract for sponsorship ads can be canceled.

6) Sign up for one of the new commercial resources involved in sponsorship tweets.

For example: Ad.ly, Magpie, TwitPub or Twittad. These sites bring together companies that require the placement of advertising and receiving tweets accessibility for those wishing to Twitter users.

Go into your account, write promotional tweets with a certain interval in its sole discretion, and you will receive the payment.

7) Offer your services in Twitter.

Many professionals look at this social network as at the way to stay in touch with others in their industry.

This new type of interaction allows us to develop relationships, partnerships and offer yourself as an employee. If you feel embarrassed when promoting yourself from your professional account, you understand that this is common practice.

A small self-promotion will help to find a job.

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N. B. Do not change your Twitter account only for the purpose of making money, because the network is focused on the community of people.

If you stop to add funny, interesting or entertaining posts about life, weather, work and hobbies, you will lose followers, interesting opportunities for professional development and, ultimately, the chance to earn more money with the help of Twitter.


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