6 Ways to Leave Your Customer With a Great Lasting Impression – Retail Customer Service Tip 11

First impressions are really important and often make the difference between a customer deciding to walk into you business and buy – or not.

But last impressions are important, too.

How your customer feels at the end of their transaction can mean the difference between a customer who comes back again and again, and a customer that leaves never to return.

What happens at the very end of the sale is usually what sticks in a person’s mind. And a great last impression can smooth over any number of rough spots or put an exclamation point on an already outstanding experience.

Here are some simple, fun ways to make the last part of the sale, the best part of the sale…

  • Give away small, inexpensive toy to everyone who buys.
  • Put candy at the register that customers can enjoy while wrapping up the sale.
  • My local grocery store always has a bagger carry out my groceries – and put them in my car for me. I especially remember (and appreciate) this on those occasions when I go to the competing superstore and have to schlep my own bags!
  • A nearby appliance store leaves a rose with every delivery or installment.
  • My favorite pizza joint brings a chocolate mint to everyone at the table along with the bill.
  • Always remember to say “Thank You!”

All these little things leave wonderful lasting impressions. And the warm glow they give keep customers coming back.

So what can you do to make a lasting last impression?

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