– AMEX Card Activation is the best method to confirm and activate your AMEX credit card online. So if you are searching for the easy step-by-step guide on confirming an American Express credit card then you are on the right website.

In this article, We would guide you on how to activate the AMEX card on the URL However, if you are not new at AMEX then you probably know how to confirm a card but if you are new then don’t worry, We have a complete step by step guide for you.

Moreover, the procedure of activation is free and very simple. And you can verify the credit card online and on the phone as well. Keep reading this article to know how to verify your credit card.

Note: Confirming a card on the phone is easier compared to using internet service and the official website.
Official Website URL
Confirm Card
Credit Card CompanyAmerican Express Company
Activation ProcedureOnline, Using AMEX Website
Confirmation ProcessPhone (1-800-362-6033)
Visit SiteClick Here

Step by Step Guide for Americanexpress/Confirmcard

Here is your step-by-step guide to confirm the AMEX card. So there are two main procedures that you can use to activate your American Express credit card.

  1. Online Activation Method (
  2. Via Phone Card Activation Method

So these are the two ways to confirm the Amex credit card. So it’s your choice how you want to complete your Amex registration. If you want to register online or you are willing to make a phone call. Online Card Activation/Registration Method

Confirm American Express Card Online

This is a step by step guide and method to confirm and activate your American Express credit card online. So follow the process, and get your credit card confirmed.

  1. Open your browser, type in your browser’s address bar or URL bar “” to visit the official website of AMEX
  2. Make sure you are on the original site so always check the “Connection is Secure” lock icon on the address bar
  3. Now you will see the following greeted text on the homepage with blue text, “Welcome! Enter your details to set up your new Card”
  4. Now you need to enter 15-DIGIT CARD NUMBER
  5. Then enter 4-DIGIT CARD ID, check the backside of your card for this purpose. Hint: Some other card services called it CVV code as well
  6. Click on the Confirm button to proceed to the next page
  7. On this step, you will be asked that if you have already an account registered with AMEX then continue to Credit Card login or if you haven’t then continued to register a new one on
  8. The process of registration will include on
    1. First Name and Last Name
    2. Home Address
    3. Phone Number
    4. Email Address
    5. Mother’s Maiden Name
    6. Age
    7. Date of Birth
  9. Once you submitted all these credentials accurately, now click to SignUp for AMEX
  10. Also, choose a strong Username and a Password for your AMEX account
  11. Click on Finish Button and Congratulation your American Express card is now fully activated

Note: We are not asking you for any sensitive financial information here, So please do not share any kind of personal information on this webpage. Also, use to enter your card details.

Confirm American Express Credit Card on the Phone

American Express confirm card process is also available on a phone call. You can confirm your card using the AMEX toll-free hotline number as well.

The official Toll-Free number is below.

Step by Step Guide for Phone Card Verification

  1. Call on 1-800-362-6033 toll-free number of Amex
  2. Once your call is received, you can talk to a customer support representative
  3. Now they will ask some questions like which card you want to activate and what is your name, card number, and card ID, etc.
  4. Once you tell the answers accurately, your American Express credit card will be activated and confirmed

American Express – Banking Financial Services Company

American Express (AMEX) is a famous financial service and baking services company and organization having headquarters at 200 Vesey Street in New York City. American Express was founded back in 1850 which was a money order services company at that time. It is also now offering investment banking.

Now this company is offering credit cards, charge cards, and traveler’s cheques to its customers. Moreover, 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average are managed by this company.

American Express invested in the brokerage industry in 1980 and the company became Shearson Lehman Hutton but later AMEX took its investment from the brokerage industry and then it became Smith Barney Shearson.

In 2016, American Express cardholders made 22.9% of the total dollar volume of credit card transactions and 54.7 million cards in force in the United States.
Forbes stated the AMEX as the 23rd most important financial service in the world with US$24.5 billion assets. And now it has a huge market reputation.

The logo of the company is a gladiator or centurion that was designed in 1958 and now it is printed on every Amex credit card, traveler’s cheque, and charge card.

In the early days, American Express was not a financial and banking company but it was an express mail business in 1850 located at Buffalo, New York.

This joint-stock corporation was a combination of companies held by Henry Wells (Wells & Company), William G. Fargo (Livingston, Fargo & Company), and John Warren Butterfield.

The first headquarter was in Jay Street and Hudson Street which is now known as the Tribeca section of Manhattan. But it changed the headquarters later to 65 Broadway in that was in the early stage of becoming the Financial District of Manhattan.

Amex built a new warehouse at 46 Trinity Place in 1880 and it was designed as a façade of brick arches that resembles the pre-skyscraper New York.

Later in 1903, Amex reached $28 million of personal assets and became the second National City Bank of New York among financial institutions in the whole area.

After the First World War, American Express built its 21-story classical building in 1917 that was designed by James L. Aspinwall.

In 1857, American Express started its first money order business and became a competitor of United States post office money order services. Later on, this money order business transformed into a banking and credit card business. In 1890, the president of American Express J. C. Fargo went on a trip to Europe and there he tried to redeem the cash letter of Amex. But he faced so many hurdles to receive the cash or money in exchange for those cash letters. So he became worried about it and he asked Marcellus Flemming Berry to solve this credit letter problem.

So Marcellus Flemming introduced the American Express Travelers Cheque in 1891 that was worth $10, $20, $50, and $100. This traveler’s cheque became so popular that during World War I, The British government used the American Express to deliver letters of credit, relief parcels, cash, and letters to British prisoners of war.

Amex employees went to prisoner’s camps to deliver or collect cash drafts for British and French prisoners and make it easy for them to get money orders without any hassle.

In 1917, America faced a shortage of coal so president Woodrow Wilson ordered the railroads to transport the federal troops, their supplies, and coal. During this period, the American Railway Express Agency was formed and served the United States with war efforts.

During the 1980s, Amex built an aim to become one of the largest and functional financial services in the whole world so he invited all major companies to join them to create a giant finance and banking intersection. So Amex purchased Sanford I. Weill’s Shearson Loeb Rhoades and merge it with its official company.

After that, Weill became the president of the American Express company, However, he left the company soon after.

Moreover, American Express introduced the official credit cards in 1966 like the American Express Platinum card and American Express Gold card or company cards. Until the 1990s, Amex gave special relief to merchants and restaurants if they would only accept American Express credit cards and no other cards in their restaurants and shops.

This tactic worked very well and Amex made a huge profit until the end of the 1990s.

Top-Rated American Express Credit Cards


There is no doubt that American Express credit cards are one of the perkiest cards in the world. With these cards, merchants and individual cardholders can avail themselves of the cashback discounts at grocery stores, gas stations, stores, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and buying air travel tickets.

So let’s check what are the major perks.

American Express Platinum Card (Best for Travellers)

If you are owning a Platinum card then you can avail the following benefits.

You can book air travel tickets at a discount price, can access all posh airport lounges, discount in Uber, enjoy Starwood preferred guest gold status, and many more.

You will earn a free signup bonus for this card and also, you will earn cashback reward points on your every purchase that you can redeem for cash, online shopping, buying gift cards for your beloved ones, and on the following associated companies like, Aeroplan, Asia miles, Alitalia, British Airways, Delta Sky Miles, Etihad Airways, Hilton Honors and Starwood PreferredGuest.

With so many perks, you should carry this credit card if you are a frequent

Blue Cash Preferred Card (Best for Grocery Shopping)

Blue Cash Preferred card is best for getting reward points when you are spending money on your basic needs. You will get 6% cashback on every purchase or transaction at supermarkets, movie theatres, coffee shops, gas stations, buying travel vouchers, streaming subscriptions, and booking hotel rooms in the United States.
Also, get 3% cashback on all Transit which includes taxis/rideshare, Uber rides, bus tickets, and train or railway tickets.

It has also a sister card that is Blue Cash Everyday which has a $0 annual fee and 3% cashback on spending and it has a very low denomination with this card.

If you are feeding to a large family then you should go for Blue Cash Preferred as you will get amazing discounts on grocery, food items, and monthly billings.

Blue Cash Everyday Card

Another amazing credit card from Amex with a zero dollar annual fee. And you can get cashback rewards as well. Get a 3% discount when you spend $6000 a year on U.S supermarkets. Get 2% rewards in the discount when you pay for gas and fuels in selected gas stations, in departmental stores, save money when paying for airfare, and much more.

American Express Gold Card (Best for Dinning)

With a $250 annual fee, this GOLD CARD is offering 4x reward points when you pay your restaurant bills. Get an amazing $120 dining credit when you pay your dining bills at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Grubhub, Seamless, Boxed, participating Shake Shack, The Cheesecake Factory locations.

Also, get 3x reward points on booking airline tickets and tours. Get travel vouchers, travel assistance, luxury airport lounges, and travel accident insurance. The eligibility criteria are very simple and enjoy maximum benefits.
So get tourism and reward benefits in the same way.

SimplyCash Plus Business Card (Best for Business)

This is a card specially designed for business owners. With a $0 annual fee, you can enjoy a 0% intro APR. So now you can establish and grow your small and big businesses without spending too much.

Get perks of cheap airfares from famous airlines, rent a car from selected vendors, booking a hotel room in big five star hotels, lower gas rates at gas stations, and business advertisements with selected media groups.
Eligibility criteria are simple and easy.

Delta SkyMiles Gold Card

Delta SkyMiles Gold Card is a card for users who are frequent travelers and dinners. Get first checked bag free delta flights on, British Airways, Alitalia, Hilton Honors, Delta Sky Miles, Asia Miles, Aeroplan, Etihad Airways, and Starwood PreferredGuest.

Also, get a $100 delta flight credit for your next tours and trips.

Hilton Honors Card

Another AMEX credit card with a $0 annual fee. Get ready to enjoy 7x reward benefits on all Hilton purchases. Earn 5x points on gas stations and 3x points on all other purchases.
Hilton Honors credit card is designed for families to get benefits when shopping for groceries, dine in restaurants, and pay for coffee in coffee shops and shops in supermarkets.

So these are the best American Express credit cards with the best reward rate, bonus, maximum spending limit, travel accident insurance, trip, and tours. You can confirm these cards online with the help of the guide which is mentioned above already.

Frequently Asked Questions about

How Can I activate my American Express credit card online?

To Activate your American Express credit card online, go to and fill in the confirm card form online with your card details and click on the confirm button, that’s it.

How do I create a pin for my American Express card After confirming it?

To create a PIN for your American Express card, call 1-800-362-6033 and set a PIN for your card.

How do I confirm my new American Express card?

To activate or confirm your American Express card, simply follow the confirm card guide above. Enter 15 digits Amex card number and 4 digits Amex card ID (CVV Code) and click on Finish.

Why Should I Confirm my Amex Card?

You should always confirm your Amex card because you can not use or swipe your credit card if it is not confirmed. To confirm your card, visit

I am getting an Error on, What Should I do?

If you are getting an error on then keep trying after some time. Usually, due to an internal server error, you may not access the official webpage temporarily.

Do I need to Login before Confirming my Card?

If you are an existing Amex user then you have to login after confirming your card, if you are new at American Express then you can simply activate the credit card and then login.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to get Amex Card Registration?

As an American Express candidate, you have to follow eligibility criteria before you apply for card confirmation. Please read all points carefully so you can activate your AMEX card without any hassle.

  • The customer must be 18+ in age
  • A candidate should have a clear and good credit score history
  • No bankruptcy should be filed against the candidate in the last 7 years
  • For business cards, the candidate must have experience and knowledge of one year in his business
  • You must haven’t any kind of criminal record

What are the Benefits of Using American Express Cards?

There are plenty of advantages to using Amex cards. Some of the major perks are below.

  • Customers can use cards worldwide without any restrictions
  • A customer can check the recent card transactions and check the card balance online
  • With Amex mobile app, all customers can send and receive money online using a mobile app and also can check card info
  • Get your credit score 24/7
  • Customer can avail of the cashback discount offers when they use their cards on Uber, airlines, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, ATMs, and online streaming subscriptions due to the Amex rewards program
  • Pay for rent a car, utility bills, home rents, claim insurances any time with discount prices
  • Get cheap railways tickets, movie tickets, airline tickets, and bus tickets

AMEX Card Miscellaneous or Services

American Express credit card and banking service are flawless and amazing. Customers of Amex can enjoy big cashback discounts and reward points when they buy commodities and pay bills.

Besides the reward program, Amex also has amazing and satisfying customer support 24/7 to deliver the best user experiences. With cashback offers and exchange coupons, travel vouchers, widespread
Branches, gift cards, replacement cards, high reward rate,s, and much more.

No matter which industry you are in, whether it’s an online business, running a shopping mall, a small restaurant, or even a big level business, it has everything to satisfy your needs. Pay bills, shop for groceries, pay fees, withdraw money from any ATM, and sending and receiving cash is easy with Amex.

American Express Customer Service and Support

If you are getting trouble while activating and registering your Amex card at, then contact American Express customer service immediately. Get help and confirm card info instantly.

You can call their hotline at

  • 1‑800‑954‑0559 (Domestic)
  • 1‑801-449-4019 (International)

Mailing Address

02-040404315 S 2700

Salt Lake City



Final Conclusion

We are pretty sure that this guide would help you with the activation of your new Amex credit card. And We are happy that finally you can confirm your card and start using it anywhere you want.

So if you have any questions then let us know in the comment section. Also, tell us what your experience with card activation was.

Keep Smiling & Thanks 🙂

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