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Facts On Spiritual Ascension.

Do you know what spiritual ascension is? Ascension process is defined as the speeding up of vibrating energy and awareness expansion. All this leads to a shift in our consciousness. Like when a particular life system is raising its vibrational state from one energetic state to another higher one. This is the actual definition of spiritual ascension. Spiritual ascension process is absolutely different from all people. Spiritual practice, level of awareness and personal vibration is what actually makes the difference from one person to another.

Spiritual awakening comes from spiritual ascension which is described as knowing your connection with a being outside the physical realm. This connection is basically with God who many regard as superior and above while others believe it’s a connection with another spirit. There is freedom of thought, feelings and movement, when one connects with the superior being that brings spiritual awareness.

The signs and symptoms of spiritual ascension and awakening as earlier mentioned vary from one person to another. Some claim they just feel different and can’t put a finger on what is the change they feel while others have actual body changes like stomach digestive issues, IBS, bouts of unexplained nausea, and even gastro intestinal problems. A good number of individuals have experienced all of these changes at once or at different times stages as well having different changes in body temperatures. There are actually a ton of symptoms that you feel but one is highly advised to follow your own inner guidance and consult your physician as and when needed.

Different sources of energy can bring up spiritual ascension. The most common one we know is solar energy, there is also the cosmic energy and astronomical events like eclipses and solistices. Some of the symptoms that people experience may also be caused by the energy centers of each person when opening, activating and expanding with higher frequencies of energy.

The manifestation of miracles then follows immediately after spiritual awakening via spiritual ascension. After this process, most people claim to have realized the life of their dreams. Well, the dreams vary, there are those that find themselves in different circumstances than others, but all in all no one is usually the same after going through this process. You shall however need to keep yourself in high manifestation mode while paying attention not to erode your thoughts with negativity.
Realize that money is a form of energy and it shouldn’t be a worry during the manifestation of miracles. Manifestation miracles will bring about the right people, things and experiences. By feeling the desire, write down the same during your spiritual ascension journey, subsequent awakening and then await your miracle.
The facts as mentioned above are those that express spiritual ascension, spiritual awakening and ultimately the manifestation of miracles.

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